Lots of Android Phones Share Names With Condom Brands [Condom or Android?]

Time for your whacky story of the day. It’s no secret that Android manufacturers are probably struggling to come up with names for the dozens of smartphones they release each year. Just take HTC and Sony, for instance – they’ve already taken a liking to a new ultra-simple naming convention whose phones’ names are only differentiated by a single letter (carriers’ names pending).

Well, it looks like some of these phones share names with brands of a rather… peculiar product. Let’s stop being awkward: if you were to look up condoms with the same name, you’d find that many do exist.

Out of 20 phones on the chart above, 8 share names with the sexual protection product that is so necessary in today’s society. If you count the fact that a lot of companies like to use “ultra-thin” as a marketing bullet point, make that 9. I imagine any of you won’t look at your phones quite the same. At least for the rest of the day, anyway. [via What’s in a Name]

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  • Jonathan Roman

    this is stupid

    • Ben Baranovsky

      This is hilarious and definitely worth posting.  Get out of here you negative Nancy.  

      • http://twitter.com/savagejeep SavageJeep

        Yes a quality post. Breaking news.

        • NYCHitman1

           Not every post is required to be breaking news. There’s not even enough ‘breaking news’ to report about every 5 minutes.

        • servo36

           your tags are broken!  I’ll fix them, here you go.

          Yes a quality post. Breaking News.

          • Robabobbob

            Nice, I was just about to comment on his broken markup :)

          • http://twitter.com/savagejeep SavageJeep

            Yeah I had just wrote “sarcasm”. My program seemed to have added the tags.

      • HalfwayCrook

        Naaa it’s pretty stupid

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/RGAX75BIHGIMVLBE3DT2MIHCJU James G


  • JaysonF

    Lol and most of them are by HTC

    • http://threshold-zero.com/cblog captainskyhawk

      HTC doesn’t pick these names — the carriers do.

      • http://twitter.com/Mark_Lunney Mark Lunney

        I don’t think that’s true in any of these cases, the carrier would only have input on the name if it’s to fit with their exclusive branding e.g. the Droid Incredible. Desire, Sensation, Wildfire – these are global names on multiple carriers worldwide.

  • davianny

    Lmao so true.

  • bmg314

    I would never use a razr… 0_o

  • http://twitter.com/robertokay G.Q.

    My friends and I joked about this phenomenon, specifically with HTC phones. We’re convinced they’ll eventually release a phone called the HTC Reacharound.

    • Stephen Cox

      They did, but for simplicity, they abbreviated it as Rez’ound… and then dropped the apostrophe.

  • Undeadk9

    What is a condom? Ive never used one before Im Married ;-) I go bare back baby. Lmao.

  • artoodeetoo

    Guess this just goes with the HTC Vivid…

  • aiden9

    Shouldn’t there be a checkmark for android for the Rumor Touch(by LG)? Amusing article, doesn’t really surprise me though. With how many phones with unique names you’re bound to over lap.

  • William H

    thats funny, guess it is true “sex sells”

  • Montisaquadeis

    *yawns* Most of these are real words used quite a bit outside of that particular area so this post is just stupid and redundant and none of the names made or make me think of these sexual items.

  • jzajzz

    They forgot the One Condom . and HTC one series 

  • http://www.newfulcrumpoint.com/ david warner


  • Boundary_Layer

    What is next?

    Will phone cases become “Ribbed For Her Pleasure”