Mar 26th, 2012

Time for your whacky story of the day. It’s no secret that Android manufacturers are probably struggling to come up with names for the dozens of smartphones they release each year. Just take HTC and Sony, for instance – they’ve already taken a liking to a new ultra-simple naming convention whose phones’ names are only differentiated by a single letter (carriers’ names pending).

Well, it looks like some of these phones share names with brands of a rather… peculiar product. Let’s stop being awkward: if you were to look up condoms with the same name, you’d find that many do exist.

Out of 20 phones on the chart above, 8 share names with the sexual protection product that is so necessary in today’s society. If you count the fact that a lot of companies like to use “ultra-thin” as a marketing bullet point, make that 9. I imagine any of you won’t look at your phones quite the same. At least for the rest of the day, anyway. [via What’s in a Name]