Sony Xperia S “Cosmic Flow” Live Wallpaper For All Devices [Download]

Truth be known, I’ve always had a thing for the Sony’s line of devices. Everything from the design, to their Timescape UI, I’ve been jocking for quite awhile now. Cruisin’ the XDA Forums today, I noticed that someone was actually able to extract a new version of Sony’s live wallpaper, dubbed Cosmic Flow, from the Xperia S system dump, now available for anyone looking to sideload.

The live wallpaper has a distinctly “Sony feel” to it, that’s both touch, and scroll sensitive, with a few options to change the color of the breeze. It performed smooth and without hiccup after installing on my Sprint GS2 but your results may vary. If you guys wanna give it a go, I’ve supplied a handy download link for ya below. Enjoy!

Download Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper


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  • Amol M

    I personally don’t care for live wallpapers.. but that clock widget looks really nice.
    Anyone know which widget that is in the screenshot?

    • Chris Chavez

      That’s my screenshot and it’s the stock clock for Go Launcher EX.  =)

  • chuckles87

     gots it


    F/C on stock MO-PHO. :-(

    • dominiej

      Same here

  • NexusGurl

    My Gnex dislike this Live Wallpaper

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ve noticed the GNex doesn’t agree with a lot of live wallpapers. I see that a lot =/

  • medwa

    Downloaded it but I have no idea how to install a live wallpaper apk

    • mrakifa

      I’m wondering the same thing

  • medwa

    actually nvm, just realized its a zip

  • aeok18109

    works great on my phone. on another note , No Chris i haven’t forgotten about that HTC Camera mod. tomorrow is supposed to be nice. ill do the vid than.

  • jamie currie

    worked fine on my N1

  • wtpanos

    I downloaded this link to my Gnex, tried to extract the zip using Astro but it would not. Any suggestions

  • DYNK

    Looks even better on my Galaxy S II then on Xperia :D

    • mrakifa

      How do u install it?

  • Defenestratus

    Don’t bother downloading it if you’re on a Gnex.  Makes it a worthless laggy brick.

  • UniqueNate

    No live wallpapers run smooth on the Gnex. I hate this.

  • Erik Amador

    Won’t work on muh Atrix 4G w/jokersax CM9 build . . . this sux . . . Chris, can I have my money back?

  • C-Law

    Runs like ass on my gnex. Of course most live wallpapers do on this phone. Wtf?

  • JulianZHuang

    *Read those comments install it on my gn* time saved

  • Ryan

    Is that Google Talk Icon official or custom? If custom…gimme gimme! Where can I get it?

    • Caleb Cole

      That is the official ICS icon. I believe they updated it on all versions of talk though.

      • Ryan

        Hmmm…I guess I need to try and force a refresh, because I have a GNex.  Clear app data, maybe uninstall & reinstall. Thanks.

  • Caleb Cole

    Sort of laggy on my Bionic (w/ Axion ICS) probably due to lack of hardware acceleration.

  • Alan Wolfe

    FC on stock X2.

  • mrakifa

    this thing f-ed my phone up…galaxy s 2 w/ aokp ics rom…wtf???

  • mrakifa

    smh…last time Im ever trying to dl a bobo a$$ wallpaper

  • Nighthawk

    Fail. Does not work on Galaxy Tab.

  • Marsg

    Lol its preety laggy on every device i have tried when swiping through the screen

  • Marsg

    I dont think the lagg from this wallpaper has to do with the phones hardware, i have a bunch of live wallpapers that are alot more taxing on the gpu then this, but forsome reason when i set the cosmic flow my gs2 and tprime go ballistic well not the prime so much but it keeps foreclosing

  • Dark Moyan

    Already set it on my Xperia Neo ^_^

  • msn_rokr

    wont work on x10….then hows it for all devices??

  • GooneyGooGoo

    I got it and it plays fine on my SGS2

  • Meghu doshi

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  • Ashraf Mohammed Shafi

    Thank You so much it works on my xperia ray