Sony Tablets Get Android 4.0 Update In April Along With Improved Multitasking And WiFi-Only Tablet P


For all 5 of you that own either the Sony Tablet S or Tablet P, you’ll be pleased to know that Sony has officially pinned down a release date for their Android 4.0 update, hitting devices towards the end of April.

The update will bring about many improvements to the OS that we’ve seen in ICS for Sony’s smartphones, along with a “Small Apps” widget like feature where a user can pull up apps like a calculator or remote on top of an already open app. For those with one of Sony’s Blu-ray recorders, the tablets will also be given an app called Recopla, that acts as a remote and allows for streaming of recorded content over WiFi.

The Tablet P will also finally see a WiFi only version arriving April 21st, bringing down the price of the dual-screened tablet to a more reasonable $600 (yeah, that’s going to be a hit). They’ve also given Tablet P users the ability to swap shells with 5 new colors for about $60 a piece.

[Electronista | TheVerge | Sony: Android 4.0 Update and WiFi Tablet P]

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  1. Seems like there weren’t even 5

  2. Yay! I must be one of the five. I am looking forward to the update.

    1. It’s a very exclusive club. Enjoy, my friend =)

  3. The way Sony is going, engaging the community, and now with a reasonable time frame update, they may be who I leave samsung for….

  4. Well, I’m one of the five :-) – and I’m happy with it, enjoying my partner every now and then cursing about his Ipad :-)

  5. yeah cant wait been waiting for ice cream sandwich update for ages is the update available  in every country??

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