Samsung releases Galaxy S II Android 4.0 source code


The update to Ice Cream Sandwich just started rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S II last week and has yet to reach users in many regions, but the build’s code can now be found at Samsung’s open source portal. The release won’t be immediately useful for those looking to get Android 4.0 on their Galaxy S II right now, but it will make it a heck of a lot easier for the dev community to create custom software builds based on the latest version of Android.

To download a ZIP file containing all the necessary bits and pieces head to the source link below. You will need to do a search by model number to pull up the Galaxy S II (GT-I9100).

[via Samsung Open Source Release Center | Thanks Hollow.Droid]


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  1. Good Job Samsung.  I’m going to say that there were valid reasons as to why it took so long. 

  2. SWEET!

  3. Yes!!!

  4. Now someone port that to the G’Nex.  :p


    (…and queue the flaming idiots who think “Nexus” means “AOSP-only”.)

    1. No que the flaming idiots who don’t  know what kernel source is for……..and that they can’t just port something with it.

      1. “No que the flaming idiots who don’t know what kernel source is for……..and that they can’t just port something with it. ”

        Awww….Did I strike a nerve??

        FYI: I know what a port is. My comment was tongue-in-cheek.

        FWIW: I can also spell “queue”, and use punctuation.


        Go be superior to someone else….

        1. que is an acceptable spelling of the word in America

          1. It’s also acceptable to be a complete moron in “America”. Go figure…

            If you don’t believe me, Google it.

            The only mention in any of the first several results of what you want that word to mean specifically states that such usage is incorrect (though that occurs in the “urban dictionary” which in and of itself is quite humorous).

            …but as I said, it is acceptable to be a moron in ‘murca.

            Honestly? That’s how I was taught and that is what a quick google revealed. I really don’t care that much; wrong or right.

            …I wouldn’t have even mentioned it had the original respondent not been so pissy.

          2. Not to disagree with you too much, but did you mean “queue” as in a line, “queue” as in “to line up (as in a queue),” or “cue” as in “to signal, prompting an action?”

            Regardless, que is not an acceptable usage, unless you are referring to the colloquialism for barbecue.

          3. Please see the context of the original post. Queue the flaming idiots: meaning, “form a line.”

            Implication: There’s gonna be a truckload of ’em.

            Ya make one smart-ass comment to a pompous jerk around here and suddenly you’re in the middle of an English class. Sheesh, people…This is not the argument I expected. :-P

    2. Also, that’s exactly what Nexus means.

      1. lmao…

        Nexus is a model name given to certain devices that come with AOSP-Android. It doesn’t mean that AOSP is the only thing that can be run on them.

        …but I’m sure you actually knew that, it’s just that bringing up the topic of Manufacturer Skins for an AOSP device brings out the worst in some folks, right?

        1. Yeah. I don’t know why people wanna go to blows over it.

          But still, if you want a Touchwhiz phone, why not get the SGSII instead of the GNex? I like the SGSII design aesthetic way more than my GNex, but I’m stuck on VZW…

          1. “but I’m stuck on VZW… ”

            …and there you have it. No SGSII on my provider. Fascinate got a little old in the tooth (and TW3 sucks), so I broke down and got the G’Nex. Hopefully the SGSIII will hit VZW.

          2. LOL Flame shield successfully deflects small fireball.

            I just bought a GSM G’Nex but am selling it because I apparently can’t live without TW.  Didn’t see that coming…  And like Lex, I much prefer the GSII hardware.

          3. I am so missing Voodoo Controls on this thing. The audio and the screen are just … *sigh*

            Sammy could have done much better on this device in my opinion. Even without TW, they could have really made this thing pop. As it is, AOSP is about the only thing this has going for it right now….and for us TW addicts, well. :-P

            (Was running TW 4.5 from XDA on my Fascinate before I bought the G’Nex. Running AOKP on both now…)

  5. AT LAST!!!

  6. I would call that rather fast.
    Well played Samsung, well played.

  7. Which version of Android is this 4.0.2, 4.0.3 or 4.0.4?

    1.  I think 4.0.4 only is for American(some provider X :)) 4G LTE phones if I remember right.

  8. Samsung manages to bounce between a company I hate because of the way they treat their Android devices and a company I love for the exact same reason. They have so many strings attached to my heart.

    1. I am solidly on the “hate” side.  I have been samsunged too many times with poorly made buggy phones.  If I get samsung’d again, I am pressing charges.

  9. I just want a 4.0 based ROM with TW on top that has a lot more ICS looking features than what Samsung decided to throw together in the official update.

    “Alright guys, we’ve only got room for like 5 ICS features so be VERY selective with this update”

    1. By asking for touchwhiz o ntop you are pretty much asking for there to be less ICS looking features. 

      The whole point of the skin is to change the look of stock andriod. 

      You could perhaps ask for sotck ICS with a few touchwhiz added features.

      1. “You could perhaps ask for sotck ICS with a few touchwhiz added features.”

        …isn’t that what he just asked for?

        1. I was under the impression he wanted a touchwhiz device with a few extra ics features

          1. heh…

            Isn’t that what you just suggested he could perhaps ask for?

            (In other words: Isn’t it all just semantics??)

          2. in a way but its kind of like “red sneakers with a white nike swoosh vs white sneakers with a red nike swoosh. Both red and white but the two vastly different. but yes semantics lol

  10. Mm-mmm; two cuties.  I’d buy a new phone just to get their numbers

    1. Wrong, there are 8 cuties in that picture. Oh, you were talking about the girls…. I’ll see myself out.

  11. Does this include the kernel sources/headers (not really sure what those are) that teams like CM need to get their hands on to implement video camera, mtp and the like?

    (I read the notice for this release at OSRC and it contained a lot of licence notices for things like “/kernel” and “/modem” and several apks (camera.apk for example) and also for several *.so files. Are these files what the dev community needs?)

    1. Linux kernel, for sure since it’s under GPL and they are obligated to release it. As for modem I don’t know. 

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