Mar 19th, 2012

Forget for a minute that a phone already named the Samsung Galaxy Beam hit the market almost two years ago. We can even ignore the fact that it spent some time entertaining the miners trapped after a cave-in in Chile. Yes, Samsung seems content to act like that phone never existed, and for whatever reason a large portion of those of us covering the tech industry (and those following blogs like this one) have chosen to have selective amnesia when it comes to the original Galaxy Beam.

No matter which you prefer to label as the first smartphone with a built-in projector, the new Galaxy Beam shown off at this year’s Mobile World Congress has been confirmed for an April release in at least one region. The phone will launch in India (and possibly a few other Asian locales) at an unspecified price, at which point Samsung’s master plan to erase any memory of the 2010 Galaxy Beam will be complete.

At this time it isn’t clear if or when the phone featuring a dual-core 1GHz processor and 4-inch display will hit the Europe and North America. The on-board pico projector is a unique touch but it’s hard to gauge the demand for such a feature. We happen to think it’s pretty cool, even if Samsung is trying to pass off last night’s leftovers as a fresh cooked meal. Check out our hands-on from MWC for more info.

[via Androinica]


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