Huawei Prism Pictured in Press Shot

The Huawei Prism rumor mill is gaining steam. Following a brief visit to the FCC, we’ve finally gotten our first real look at the device. Well, it’s not technically real. It’s a press shot, but they usually give us a good indication of what to expect. The device is as small as we’d expected, around the same size as the Huawei Sonic, and it looks pretty OK. We don’t expect the specs to impress anyone but there’s nothing to confirm or even speculate on at this point. Grab a quick look above and expect this to hit Magenta sometime soon. [via TmoNews]

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  • Alchemy08

    smh, ICS has been out for months and they are releasing this with Gingerbread. Another step back in the Android world. Google should force OEM’S a deadline to when to stop using certain versions of Android and put out the latest software. 

    • karnka

      Because that’s the way open source software works, really(!)

      Dear god.

      • Alchemy08

        I know how open source works, but we have to keep in mind for Open source to be successful, its a group effort that requires everyone to be on the same page. Hence, using the latest Android ICS will allow adoption to grow higher and using old software is whats holding the project back. 

  • skull

    This should be on tmobile no annual contract