Rumor: Snapdragon S4 Manufacturer Having Trouble With Chip, Could Affect Production of Upcoming Devices


If the following rumor is to be believed, there may be some trouble in the Snapdragon S4 paradise. It’s suggested that TSMC, the plant who manufactures Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chips, are having trouble with the 28nm process. What kind of trouble exactly is yet to be revealed, but these chips might affect the launch of several devices which use them.

Namely, HTC’s new One series of device, which includes the One X and One S (some variants may not have the S4), may have their release dates pushed back. Other devices includes the ASUS Padfone, and the 5 inch Panasonic ELUGA.

Rumor are rumors, though.If they are true, they might not even affect the launch of these devices in a worst case scenario. And, well, they just might not be true. Only time will tell because we’re sure Qualcomm, TSMC nor their OEM partners are particularly interested in addressing the rumors. [SemiAccurate via PhoneArena]

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  1. was considering getting the one x (evo hd?) when it comes to sprint over the gnex….but not if i have to wait until nov.

  2. At the moment, official availabilty in stores of HTC One running the S4 in Italy is confirmed April 2th, check it out: 

  3. So mid to end of summer for the ones series? Hope the skyrocket hd is released this month then.

  4. No surprise. TSMC’s already shown a similar problem with GPUs a few years ago.

  5. Rumors are they stopped 28nm of all chips to improve yields everyone with 28 nm chips are affected mostly Nvidia’s kepler line og gpus launching next month!

  6. Too bad HTC is so dependent on Qualcomm. Even Samsung, which makes its own cpu’s, knows the benefits of diversity.

  7. Nooo, TSMC failing to deliver, surely not (rolls eyes).

    That’s what COULd let Intel in through the back door. they’re able to rely on their fabs FAR more than almost everyone else.

    TSMC and GloFo have consistantly failed to deliver on time or on spec, which is crippling the industry at the moment.

    If they can sort out their issues, which is going to get trickier as process nodes continue shrinking, then the whole industry and comsumers will benefit!

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