Samsung: March 10th ICS Due Date for Galaxy S II was a Mistake


Yesterday, the pool of Galaxy S II owners got all excited when it appeared that Samsung announced the update to Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming to unlocked, unbranded versions on March 10th. It was posted on their website, or at least the Filipino version of their site, looking as official as ever, and even Samsung’s Twitter account corroborated.

Unfortunately, Samsung has said that it was all a big mistake. Yep, simple as that. They haven’t announced a date and it certainly won’t be March 10th. So there it is. We have no doubt that it is at least close to ready with all of the leaks that have made their way to the forefront, but it’s not quite as ready as we’d hoped it was. Clear your schedule for the weekend, folks. [Thanks Han!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hahahaha this is the Vibrant all over again.

    1. You are right!!!!! That’s way i’m staying the hell away from Samsung. Can’t Wait for the Asus phone. Now Asus does deliver on their promises.

  2. I cannot imagine samsung releasing an ics update to the sgsII until the three is out for some time.  Their business model is based on phone sales not upgrades.  Releasing ICS to the sgsII doesn’t make sense if they want to sell phones.

    1.  If people want a new phone, they’ll get one, regardless. The standard model would suggest that owners of the original Galaxy S phones would be due for an upgrade this year, for those who got it when it came out. Releasing ICS won’t change may minds, especially if at least two or three of the “rumors” are true about the SGSIII.

      Plus, Sprint and Samsung are actively working on ICS for the E4GT, as I’m running a stock rom currently on my phone.

      via.me/-daks9c – phone info

      twitpic.com/8tze5h – home screen

      1. hey bro did u flash that rom to ur E4GT? or was that an official ota? cuz i got the same phone and have been waitin on ICS forever….???

        1.  It’s an official ROM, but not final and not OTA. Go to ACSyndicate and look at Epic 4G Touch development. You’ll see it all there.

  3. People, just keep using your sg2, when it come, it will come. Beside ics aren’t that exciting.

    1. I don’t think you’ve used ICS then

      1. running ARHD on my GN. when i first bought GN, i thought the UI will be different than 2.3, but 90% is the same. also, the home launcher doesnt even have continuous scrolling and limited to 5 screens. i know there are replacement, but whats the point of using ICS if i have to replace the home launcher?

  4. Israels getting it March 15th so the rest of the world shouldnt be too far off

  5. Android 4.0.3 Rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S 3 will start on March 15th!

  6. “Oh! Wait! So we announced and will roll out a new firmware in less than a week? Well, we can’t have that!”

  7. F you Samsung, HTC isn’t even that bad, only reason I say this is because I have the galaxy tab and probably won’t get 4.0 anytime soon.

    1. Wich galaxy tab? If it is either 10.1 or 8.9 you will most likely get 4.0 in august. If it is the original you will never get it.

  8. As I can already see from the current comments, there will be plenty of posts on this topic complaining about Samsung. Please buy a different manufacturer and whine somewhere else. Before ICS was released did your GSII suck? I don’t think so. Enjoy the device that you chose to buy. Gingerbread sufficed for several months, there’s no need to get impatient.

    If you’re impatient it’s as easy as rooting and flashing an ICS rom. You do have options.

  9. Coming from the nexus s with ICS on it then going to the SGS II(T-Mobile), now the galaxy note, I have been waiting to see ICS on these devices, Especially the note, I know I could root it but I want the official ICS. I wish samsung, at&t or whoever would stop prolonging an delaying things and just release the damn update.

    1. Goodluck  with at&t releasing it on a timely manner. I want the Note bad but dont wanna wait on att to release ics.

  10. My next phone will be a nexus. No more manufacture crap and updates faster than any other android phone. As long as LG does not get the nexus contract.

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