Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G for T-Mobile Hands-on [MWC 2012]

Tucked away inside one of the side events here at Mobile World Congress was T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. While the device has already been announced, we haven’t had a chance to play with it for ourselves until today. It’s a nice little mid-range offering that should be perfect for those who want to ease into the smartphone game.

The device is thin and light, and unlike a lot of other mid-range phones (Samsung included) it actually looks very good aesthetically. The device’s backplate has a premium-feeling mesh finish which transitions into a nice glossy exterior near the top. Samsung doesn’t do anything risky with the design, and it’s for that I thank them.

As for functional specs, we have a 4 inch Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel rear camera which can shoot HD 720p video, a front-facing camera, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz, plus a lot more.

For $150 on a two-year contract, it’s not the greatest value but with a slight price drop here and there it could be an attractive offering. Look for this one sometime in March. Our hands-on video is above and find some images of the device below.

[Note]: The rep we spoke with mentioned the device had a 3.5 inch display and a 1GHz single-core processor. In actuality, the device has a 4 inch Super AMOLED display and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The discrepancy in the video is due to the lack of a spec sheet at the site of the hands-on. We have corrected the errors in writing.

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  • Nieves Diaz III

    Really??? R u serious Quentyn??? HTC Sense on a SAMSUNG PHONE???? GET SOMEONE TO PROOFREAD UR ARTICLES PLEASE, this is rediculous…wtf man

    • Chris Chavez

      LOL! When you’re at a conventions like this, running around for hours on end, it starts to take a toll on you.

      After awhile, you start making Freudian slips like that. No biggie, he fixed it. Hahaha..

      • reiththestud

        I agree, I’m a lot less anal about errors when I know the editors are running on Red Bull and unicorn wishes.

  • reiththestud

    I’m sure this will rapidly increase the time it takes for Samsung to develop ICS for all of its other phones. From what I hear, the more phones you have the less time it takes to upgrade them. 

  • Robert

    Hey Chris.
    FYI this post won’t load on 2.2 & lower devices

    • godrilla

      I have g2 @ 2.3 same here with app.

  • Ted Raymundo

    Dude, cut your nails.