Sega and NVIDIA Announce Sonic 4 Episode 2 for Mid-April Release on Tegra 3 Devices [MWC 2012]


NVIDIA in conjunction with Sega have just announced that Sonic 4 Episode 2 is on its way to Android. It picks up where the first episode left off, giving you your trusty sidekick Tails and a ton of new areas to clear.

We had a chance to play the game at NVIDIA’s lavish shindig last night and left very excited. The new gameplay elements to account for your sidekick takes things to an even higher level than before.

The game wasn’t perfectly smooth being mirrored on an HD television but Sega urged us to note that the build they were showing wasn’t at all final. When can you expect that final build, you ask?

The wait won’t be too long – Sega tells us mid-April will be their target. Unfortunately we were unable to squeeze a price out of them but I can’t imagine they’d price it outside the range of Episode 1. It’ll only be on Tegra 3 devices starting out, but others will get it a bit later. Find our hands-on above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Video market Private.

    Phandroid “editors” really need to proof read what they post.  TONS of spelling errors and miss information.  Looks like the site is run by a bunch of kids.

    1. Misinformation? You’re trying to tell me that the information I got directly from a Sega rep is misinformation? As for those spelling errors (which I can’t seem to spot in this post) it’s “misinformation” not “miss information.” There are Miss Americas and Miss USAs, not Miss Informations. Oh, and my video was never “market” private. It definitely was marked private, though, but only for a measly minute after I published the post so as to not break the embargo I agreed to honor.

      1.  Yes, but I am not an editor here so my spelling mistakes do not really matter.  And I wasnt referring to this post only.

        And yes, misinformation.  Like here it said HTC Sense before it said Touchwiz as was pointed out by another user.

        1. Like I mentioned in that post, when you’re running around on your feet for 8 hours sprinting from booth to booth at a convention, it takes a toll on you. Physically and mentally. I’ve gotten the bubonic plague from covering events in the past. Give Q a break. He knows his sh*t and that’s what really matters…

        2. Yes, I promptly fixed that. As Chris said, we make mistakes. We are human. When you’re dealing with as much as you are at these trade shows and conventions you’re going to have a mistake here and there. If an editor ever tells you he or she has never made a mistake, they’d be lying through their teeth. If you really think that I think a Samsung device would have HTC Sense, then I’m sorry. I do not act as if I can’t make a mistake, and contrary to popular belief some of us do appreciate having mistakes pointed out to us. But you don’t have to be so cynical in the process of doing it.

      2. don’t feed the trolls.

  2. This is idiotic, if this is a “Tegra 3” exclusive. Not only do we already have Sonic Ep 1 on EVERY device, we dont even have quad cores yet. This PROVES the entire tegrazone is nothing more than money being thrown at developers to lock out “non-supported” devices for no reason other than to make it “exclusive”. Thats fragmentation……

    1. The game is only time-exclusive to Tegra. It will be on more devices later on.

    2. The sega page said that will be on ios too.

  3. Wow, nothing worse than watching someone who is inept at the game they are trying to demo.

    1. I was playing it at NVIDIA’s event and in all fairness the XBOX controller layout they had associated with the game made no sense, not that using a different controller or the device’s touchscreen would have helped this guy much.

  4. Haha quennton. I cant spell your name but don’t listen to these trolling fags. Haha post is fine. Thank you. And chris.. lmao nice pic:D

  5. I sense teh smacketh downeth on the trolleth. beetch.

  6. Sega should make a gaming tablet/portable gaming device using Android.

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