Microsoft OneNote Now Available for Android

Microsoft is at it again — no, it’s not another new patent lawsuit — instead, they’re bringing OneNote to Android devices in their all new application launching on the Market today. Microsoft OneNote is one of many note taking apps for Android, the key benefit here is Microsoft is looking at users who are already using the desktop software, allowing them to sync and take their notes with them on-the-go using SkyDrive.

Standard note taking features can be found like typing out text, pictures, bullet points and check boxes. But there’s a catch — users are only allowed to store and edit up to 500 notes at which point you’ll have to pony up the cash in an in-app purchase for unlimited use.

Seems Microsoft is banking on the fact that maybe not everyone in the world has heard of more robust and full featured note taking apps like EverNote, Springpad or Catch. Still, if you want to give it a test run, you can find the app for free right now in the Android Market.

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  • AndroidManiac

    Only 500?

    • Chris Chavez

      You writing your memoires?? O_o

      • ScottColbert

        Well young’un, as you get older and have various doctor’s appointments for yourself and an aging parent, and in my case story ideas, meetings, etc, 500 could go very fast. Between my mother and myself, we’ve had about a dozen dr’s appts between since the beginning of the year. 

        Of course I use google calendar to sync everything :P 

        • Joe_HTH

          They get the paid one. It’s only 4.99, or use Evernote.


    No offense, but why would anyone purchase an $80 piece of software when there are note apps for free like wonderlist, anydo, or evernote?  tons of web 2.0 and apps to trump microsoft….

    • Off_Road_Racing

      I was thinking the same thing, but some people has important information in notes, lyk someone here stated client information. This is true if you’re a seller and you need your client information on the go.

      You want it secured, and OneNote gives you that security.

    • sygyzy is a task list like for buying groceries or picking up your kids at the sitter. A note taking application is different.

  • TheCaprican

    And not a single fuck was given

    • Brian S.

      Lol i love it when ppl say that i always forget about that line

    • Joe_HTH

      You obviously gave a fuck, otherwise you wouldn’t have brought your stupid fucking ass in here and posted.

  • That Other Guy

    Once again Microsoft shows up late to the party when it comes to mobile technology.  

    • Joe_HTH

      They intentionally showed up late here, because Microsoft despises Google and vice versa.

    • ingua2

      actually it’s been out for iOS for quite some time.

  • Brian S.

    Whenever i see a post about a software competitor to google releasing an app i automatically ignore it because if its a good new idea and i need it google will just fo it googles conpetitors should consider why that is.

    Also, im.pretty sure this is microsofts first app for android i did a market search last week for microsoft and i didnt see anything

    • jdsingle

      Hotmail has been on the market for quite some time. Not to mention, your first part of your post is dumb as hell. That’s like saying Google should never have come out with Chrome for Windows because Windows should just do it.

      Now, if MSFT would just get their act together and bring OneNote over to OSX I’ll be happy. OneNote is an AMAZING piece of note taking software and no, Evernote doesn’t come close. 

    • ingua2

      OneNote doesn’t really compete with any Google product.  Fanboys need to reassess what they’re all about.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    It’s not bad. *cough* but I prefer Evernote for personal items and Catch for Business. (I get 20mb extra a month with Catch on the free side – and i prefer their interface

    • Joe_HTH

      OneNote wipes it’s ass with Evernote.

      • ingua2

        are you into the whole ass wiping thing?  I mean, have you personally seen it wiping its ass?

  • 155

    The problem with Evernote is that it isn’t very secure and I’m not comfortable using it on a shared computer.  Microsoft is more business friendly in that respect.  I know Evernote has security options, but it isn’t something I would want to use with confidential client information.

  • Will Sizemore

    I am not a M$ Fanboy, but I really do like OneNote.  I for one will actually use this, especially for the sync feature with my laptop.

    Or not. I don’t see it in the Market.

  • reverse phone lookup

    Microsoft has done it again. It’s really good to know OneNote now available for Android. I’m planning to use it on my Android device. Thanks

  • Stepan Trnka

    And how about Springpad?

    • ingua2


  • Rob

    OneNote, like Evernote but for people who don’t like good things.

    • ingua2

      OneNote was out way before Evernote.  Evernote just elevated what was done to a whole new level.

      • Rob

        If there was a prize for being first, OneNote would win.  Unfortunately, Evernote would win the prize for being best.

    • Clay Sheaff

      Screw this comment.

      Onenote has an equation editor. Evernote does not. 

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    So is this the product in the commercial for Windows, where it will allow my children to cause hjinks and alter my shopping list for lollipops, cake, soda and pineapples with all the updating done in real-time?  Then I can bust them, delete what they wrote and tell them to do their homework?  Oh how joyous that would be…

  • cbkcc1

    one note is actually awesome, but if you are using evernote already as they released this late in the game then probably don’t need to switch.  but if you are like the jabillions of business out there that have office installed, then you could already be using this.

  • Scott Smith

    I was concerned about the number of notes at first until I saw the $5 price tag for unlimited.  I believe that’s a reasonable price and since I use Office at work and OneNote came with it, I’ve been using it over Evernote.

  • Raymond Duke

    I didn’t care for Evernote. I have tried over a dozen note taking apps, and my favorite is OfficeSuite. It has Google Docs and Dropbox syncing and I find it has the easiest UI to use. Quickoffice UI is really troublesome, and Google Docs mobile is basically only for viewing. I think Polaris Office got an update recently, so I will check that out.

    Thanks for the update about Onenote. I will check this out too.

  • motorola Atrix

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