Verizon Now Selling 16GB Droid RAZR for $199

With the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX lined up for a potential January 26th launch, Verizon has seen to it to drop the pricing on the standard Droid RAZR. But that isn’t the only thing that is dropping. To reach the new $199 price point storage space has been sacrificed. For the money you will find only 16GB of internal storage and no included microSD card. You will still get a handset that is one of the slimmest on the market without the extra bulk of the RAZR MAXX’s 3300mAh battery. We are guessing the newer model will take over at the $299 pricing.

[Verizon via AndroidGuys]

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  • Aaron soles

    Still hard to imagine a DROID without a removable battery. Since they have so many different ones they should at least make one with stock android.