ITC Clears Motorola Of Apple Patent Infringement Allegations

Motorola Mobility has been cleared of patent infringement allegations set forth by Apple and involving technologies related to touchscreen interactions and plug-and-play computing. International Trade Commission Judge Theodore Essex found no violation of patents for multi-touch and gestures nor for “a way to add components without having to run an installation program or rebooting.”

The verdict is a small victory for Android manufacturers facing a long queue of Apple-initiated patent infringement suits. Meanwhile Motorola awaits a ruling on their own lawsuit filed against Apple, a verdict for which should be coming April 23rd. Don’t expect that to be the end of it. Patents are becoming a lucrative asset in the mobile industry and companies will continue to leverage their portfolio of intellectual property so long as they can.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • brian

    I think it would be cooler if everyone just chilled. Like if I woke up and said today is gonna be a good day, would my local fox channel file a suit against mme for stealing their line? Apple is suing companies for making square phones with rounded corners and multi-tasking capabilities. But riddle me this, which phone had text messaging first. Whoever that is should be suing apple for allowing their phones to have texting capabilities right. Or having a screen period, because they weren’t the first I can guarantee that. Anyone can Sue anyone for anything these days and its fucking bullshit!

  • BobbyJ001

    Not to rain on the parade or anything, but it should be noted that this was just an initial decision by the administrative law judge, not a final ruling. That means that sadly this ordeal isn’t over yet for Motorola, and won’t be until the full ITC panel makes its ruling. It’s a good sign, but it’s not over yet.

  • Matt

    Its all about who has the bigger bank account.

  • Bob

    Well put Brian. I am not particularly fond of Motorola devices, my preference is for HTC, but I will proudly stand on the side of any and all manufacturers of android devices. We all know apple doesn’t stand a chance against android in fair market competition so they resort to these ridiculous patent suits. In the end, the consumer is the one hurt regardless of which side you’re on.

  • InspectorGadget80

    APPLE just wants to DESTROY ANDROID completely and doesn’t cares bout competition. so I’m glad Motorola didn’t go down