Google Employees Receive Custom Galaxy Nexus as Holiday Gift


Employees stationed at various Google offices around the globe are receiving the gift of Nexus this holiday season. Googlers in both the company’s London and Zurich offices are receiving the new Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, complete with a custom battery cover emblazoned with various Google and Android logos.

The move is a no-brainer for Google: demonstrate employee appreciation while simultaneously putting more Galaxy Nexus devices on the street. The only surprising thing is that Googlers didn’t receive the phone earlier.

[via TheNextWeb]

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  1. They were planning the gift the whole time. Probably dropping clues around the office too so employees would pick one up on their own.

  2. If their phones are anything like mine, they are going to have a real hard time calling anyone to tell them about it. Whats up with the signal?

    1. Whats wrong with it?

  3. LTE or HSPA+?

    1. By the looks of the battery compartment its a  HSPA+ Nexus model

    2. HSPA+ London and Zurich don’t have LTE.

  4. Sweet, i am definitely jealous :(

    1. Indeed, so why am I not yet working there? :P
      Hire me!

  5. I want that battery cover…. Much better than the one I’ve got, that just says ‘Verizon 4G’ and ‘Samsung’

  6. @Larry Anderson:
    My signal works just fine. O.o

  7. woot!!! they let me early upgrade. just ordered mine. i hope it wont have the signal problem….

    1. Mine was (surprisingly) hardware related. Swapped it out for a second one and I went from often losing 3G signal to 2 or 3 bars of 4G.

  8. That’s fun!  I wish my company gave out techie Christmas gifts :D

  9. I want to be a googler now too…

  10. That sure is one fat hand in that picture. I think a treadmill would have been a better gift…

    1. oh wow.  that was insensitive, but damn funny!

    2. hey hey, more to love!

  11. I want one of those covers. I hope they get released as an accessory

  12. I wonder to what level of employee did they give them to. Only higher ups or just EVERYONE even janitors?

    1. If janitors get them, I will gladly clean toilets.

    2. janitors are most likely employed by a contracted custodial company, not directly by google… just a hunch

    3. Every full-time employee are eligible for holiday gifts. As someone already mentioned, janitors are temporary contractors, thus not eligible. Since 2008, the gift has always been a Google Experience phone: G1, Nexus1, Nexus S (or Google TV or Galaxy Tab), and now Nexus Prime (aka Galaxy Nexus).

  13. we don’t get Christmas bonuses or raises.
    everyone in the company got a gym bag from Santa this year.
    Good Lord i need to plead for a job from Google.

  14. I can’t wait to get ics on my nexus s that I bought off ebay for 31 bucks! Then I signed in and used Google wallet and it gave me 10 bucks. The screen seems better than my EVO 3d

  15. A Google employee friend of mine tells me that they got to choose whether they got the Verizon version or the GSM version of the phone and for them, even the Verizon version came with Google Wallet.

  16. Well, a huge hooray for Google for spending a little Christmas cheer, and a very cool present to their employees! 

  17. That’s a nice back cover.  Louis V.-inspired for sure.

  18. Looks like the guys in the Dublin office got them too. They are all over Google+. I’m happy with my SGS2 but I wouldn’t turn down a free phone!!!

  19. Here’s a wallpaper inspired by the backplate http://i.imgur.com/CHBix.png

    1. While I really like this concept, I really don’t like the quality. The star and a few other icons just look… bad? Great work though!

  20. just another reason i want to work for google.

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