LightPad Creates Up to a 60-inch Projection of Your Smartphone Screen


Now that mankind has managed to shrink powerful computers packaged down to a pocketable size the next step, logically, is to find a way to make them big again. Or, at least, make the content displayed on their displays bigger. The hard part is creating a larger display that is also somewhat portable, a task QP Optoelectronics is attempting to tackle with their LightPad projector, which will be unveiled at CES 2012. The concept is like a mashup of Motorola’s LapDock, the ASUS PadFone, and the Samsung Beam. Any smartphone with an HDMI connector can be linked to the LightPad; there is no special user interface involved. Instead, what you get is a 1:1 view of your phone’s display on a larger screen thanks to a built-in pico projector. The actual device features an 11-inch projection panel for viewing content on your smartphone, but reversing the projector to face a wall creates an even larger display area of up to 60 inches.

The concept still isn’t ideal for use on the go, but could come in handy for viewing a movie or sharing documents at an office meeting. We’ll be on the lookout for the LightPad at CES, but for now we have this short demonstration to go off of. The concept is solid, but we’ll wait to pass judgement on the execution of it all until we get our hands on the device.

[via Engadget]

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  1. That’s pretty cool.  I will be looking for more info on this from CES. If the price is reasonable, it could be very successful.

  2. Now that is neat. Hopefully it wont be Apple expensive.

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