World Famous MIUI Lockscreen Comes To The Android Market – MiLocker Now Available For Download

Alright, I’m willing to accept the fact that not everyone has taken a liking to MIUI, my personal favorite custom Android ROM. That’s fine. Some people hate chocolate. Or Oreos. Even kittens. I understand that. But if it’s one thing I think we can all agree on — in the words of the great Kanye West… MIUI has one of the greatest lockscreens of ALL time. Unfortunately, for us, the boys over at MIUI HQ have never considered the idea of maybe throwing some of MIUI’s best parts (apps) into the Android Market for us to mix and match and download at our leisure. Wouldn’t that be something?


Well, it looks like all of that has changed with the release of the MiLocker — MIUI’s highly customizable lockscreen — in the Android Market. Now, regardless of your distaste for MIUI, you can now enjoy one of its greatest features. And we aren’t just talking about your typical, boring lockscreen with static icons and sliders. No, many of these lockscreens feature moving parts and animations (like the Transformer one above) that virtually make the lockscreen come to life.

Here’s to hoping the MIUI boys will do what the Go Launcher team has done and release individual apps for download that when combined, eliminate the need for flashing a custom ROM to enjoy all the things that make MIUI so darn lovable.

MiLocker wont cost you a cent and it is currently availble for download in the Android Market. Which MIUI app would you guys like to see next? I vote themeable launcher!

Update: Noticing a lot of concerns about the permissions of the app asking to read Gmail and SMS messages. While I understand these are scary times we live in and permissions should be well scrutinized, the app legitimately needs these permissions to “read” your Gmail and text messages so that it can display them, in full, on the lockscreen. Hope this helps calm some fears.

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  • Richard Gilboy

    It would be nice if they included a language option menu and English by default. 

    • Chris Chavez


      • Richard Gilboy

        awesome. :) 

      • AJA0

        How do you know? I have no use for other languages, just curious.

  • Austin Tindle

    hellls ya!

  • Micah Madru

    Look at those permissions…. :(

    • Chris Chavez

      LOL! I think almost every app on the Market asks for these permissions or more. Unless it’s an app that does absolutely nothing. Like Pong. O_o

      • petersinnott

        I would be surprised if many apps need permission to read my gmail. Off hand I can only think of gmail.

        • Chris Chavez

          It needs that permission to display your Gmail messages on the lockscreen. I mean, how else would it do it? Guess? =p

          • The_ATL_Guy

            Chris have you found a setting that displays your gmail messages?

          • Aeires

            I think what he meant was you can go directly to your emails from the lock screen, just like you can go directly to the camera should you choose to.

  • Jordan

    Between the permissions and the fact that I can’t waks my screen on after I install it I uninstalled it fast.

  • Hadi Khalid

    Nice! This was what I really missed from MIUI when I made the move to CM7.

  • moparoy

    Read gmail? And texts.

    • wewantutopia

      Is that so it knows if you’ve received an email or text to display the appropriate icon for unlocking???  That would be my guess.

      • Chris Chavez

        Not just display the appropriate icon, but the displays the messages on the lockscreen as well. Makes perfect sense. =)

  • Bob G

    Does it work with the fingerprint sensor on the Atrix?

  • llescaflownell

    Compared to widgetlocker, milocker has little to no customization features, except for themes and such.  At least with widgetlocker you can download themes, and then customize those themes how you want to (i.e. you can have it open pandora instead of the stock music app with the slider, or you can have it open gosms intead of the messaging app).  And no ability to add widgets to the lockscreen? Either I haven’t spent enough time exploring this app, or milocker is really restricted in it’s customization.   

  • olender4

    yup i want a themable launcher as well

  • Greg Bradley

    I love MIUIs lockscreens. I just wish they wouldn’t steal Apple’s old slogan, sort of. Think Different please, China.

  • Jason Farrell

    FYI: This is currently incompatible with IceCreamSandwich, but at least the app knows it’s not compatible, because it closes gracefully with the message: “Sorry, program cann’t run on current android version!”[sic] instead of randomly failing.

  • V

    Call it what you want but that app was acting really funny. I deleted it.

  • Michael Woodward

    I dont know why people are moaning about the permissions its quite clear it needs access to these to display the messages on the lockscreen. Yes there are no options for this because each of these features are built into the theme. 

    A theme can display your gmail or messages on screen or do a hell of a lot more if its coded to do it.

    And yes it doesnt have any options like widgetlocker but can widget locker animate on unlock like the transformers lockscreen etc .. its about the themes not the app!!

    • Gary Townsend

      Thanks for some sanity.  I am sssooooooo tired of people bitching about permissions on apps when the review them.  If they didn’t have permissions they wouldn’t be able to do anything, then folks would bitch about how useless they are.   All you folks moaning about permissions, go get an iPhone already and be done with it.

  • facebook-1259614050

    I wish I was as trusting as some of you. These look really fun…

  • Taylor Roan

    I want that battery notivication bar!  It’s like a single pixel of white across the top of the screen, and pellets drop onto it, filling the line backup as you recharge!  So sexy and minimal!

  • Aeires

    MIUI breathed new life into my original Tab, it’s faster and more sexy than it ever was.  Gotta give a lot of credit to the crew at MIUI, they really make the Gingerbread UI look polished.

  • CadeWall

    this app doesnt work on my galaxy nexus, ice cream sandwich.

  • Tyler Strebeck

    Is there any way to change the language? I don’t understand Chinese.