White Motorola DROID RAZR Pictured In The Wild – Galaxy Who?


It was barely announced a few hours ago that Motorola would be launching their all new white Droid Razr tomorrow on “Nexus Thursday” and the device has already appeared in a few images, giving you guys a better idea of what to expect.


The new Razr isn’t your typical “white” version, featuring only a few white accents/borders around the device. Although a long time fan of white devices, I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this new color scheme. Guess I’ll turn this over to you guys. What do you think?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. What a waste of $700.

  2. meh

  3. yawn…

  4. Why anyone would want a white phone…

  5. I feel like eating Oreos.

  6. Looks nice except the rear portions should be white as well. I understand why the entire front is not white though. Screen colors look better against a black border as opposed to a white border.

  7. Or you are a smart consumer who passes on Android as a whole and chooses a  white iPhone 4[s]. You know…. the one that will be worth the most at resale… you know… the one that will still be worth $500 when the iPhone 5 is released. You know… not $100 like any Android phone a year later.

    1. I’m with Albert, get a phone with great resale because your gonna want to get rid of that Idrone as soon as you use it and realize apple has you by the balls and you can’t do anything more than what they allow you to do. Go Iphone the toyota of cell phones!

      1. Or it’s because they deliver a great iPhone every year… so after I sell my iPhone every year… I walk right into the new one…. usually making a small profit on the whole deal.

        1. I agree. Take advantage of all the idiotic Apple Fans willing to pay top dollar for last year’s technology. I love you iFans. So willing to give up your hard earned cash for junk. 

          1. Iphones are not junk the iphone 1 was one of the best phones i ever had until i got a Droid.
            I just dont like how apple thinks we are all stupid by selling the same thing year after year i also got the 3g but it was obvious when they released the 3g S that apple knew they did not even need to try and would still get sales thats when my eyes were opened to Droid.

        2. quit trollin, the reason your resale value is so high is because of the great hype machine apple creates. Apple has a great product but so does android, the difference in your resale value is the amount of hysteria apple creates over the iphone not superiority of product. i’m still very curious to see how/ what the company does in the years to come without steve jobs marketing the product and with the android market share growing.

          1. The resale is because all the i sheep supply and demand Honda teaches us this.But i would hate if Android phones were like this
            when i go get my Galaxy Nexus in the morning i can walk into verizon no line or wait just activate and enjoy my new device.

          2. The reason Iphones hold there value better is the fact that android is an over saturated market. The second newest Iphone is the nearly 2 year old Iphone 4, second newest android? it was released 2 minutes ago.

        3. but why are you trolling an android website? 

        4. Yep, except every year = 16 months this time for a lackluster clone of the previous version… but never fret, you’ll make that small profit. Not.

        5. cool story bro!

        6. let me fix your post they deliver the same iphone every year.Apple has the iphone planned out for the next 20 years they will release an iphone every year with one new feature.Android packs all the new tech out now in a phone and the max you will pay on launch is 299.99 without any promotions or discounts.Also if you cant throw down that kind of cash there are other options on Android for free.But hey if you get an iphone 3g S(S Hahahaha)for 100 bucks and its the same phone as the 4 S.

    2.  Who gets a phone just for the resale value. I guess it’s true what the say… The iphone is the poor man’s Android

      1. First sentences pretty much sums it up exactly.

        In all my years I have NEVER thought about the resale value of my tech toys. I actually keep my phones if they still work good.

        My Droid 1 is retired tho…and my Droid X1 is beat to hell, might as well say its retired. But I never thought about selling them. Ever.

    3. why are you even on this website…. 

    4. Right, because there’s only one model released a year and the updates are incremental. It’s a pretty basic concept, it doesn’t matter how “old” something is what matters is how “outdated” it is. 

      Android hardware progresses at a much faster rate than iPhone hardware does. That’s why. 

    5. umm iphone 4 is like 250 – 300 resell, granted its still more than i can prolly get for my evo, but my evo has gotten more use than if i would of gotten an iphone, and an iphone wouldnt of been able to put up with the abuse my evo does.

    6. How is it smart to buy the same phone year after year for a more expensive price and no 4g lte? The S in the iphone name is a joke
      but i guess if you like simple functioning toys get an iphone if you want a useful tool get an Android.Also the voice command function
      in siri has been in Android from day one.    

      1. come on nathan..hes an iphone user they not know to be the brightest folk.

    7. well this is to easy…mr.troll..only idiots like you would buy the same looking device and the person who buys one from you is usually an iphone users anyway…see..you guys are morons the stupidest creatures on this planet…and actually i sold my old phones and got pretty good price for them..and couple from iphone users who hated fruity phones.thanks we all needed you dumb comments.dumbass

  8. Chris, I no long want you to have my children. You’ve disappointed me twice today. MIUI and white phones???? Seriously?!? You sadden me, sir.

    1. But we already picked out their names!!! :O

      1. I’m sorry, Chris, but my kids will be raised with more Sense than that. (buh-dum tss)

        1. Oh gawd…save me…

  9. Gah, white plastic never looks good. Though more customization options are always welcome.

    1. Its aluminum not plastic Motorola doesn’t use the cheap materials Samsung does

      1.  you might want to go take a look at all of Motos AT&T offerings. All cheap plastic. Not a single metal or alluminum device in the entire bunch .Moto only makess their higher quality devices for Verizon. Cheap plastic for everyone else.

    2. Plastic? No its not a Galaxy Nexus

  10. Storm trooper edition?

  11. Im all for a white phone…but friggin do it right and have the back white…and the front white to up to where the screen actually starts…dont half A$$ it moto.

  12. Boners

  13. It’s still too big.

  14. i think it looks sick

  15. ….u g l y…. the black one has style. This just looks like it was slapped together by a drunk designer :) / on another note, I traded my Razr for a Rezound (dumb name/nice phone) / hated not having a removable battery, even tho’ the Razr looks ‘cooler.’ BTW, the Rezound kicks a$$ with regards to visibility in daylight over the Razr.

  16. if it were all white (including the Kevlar) it would be much nicer :)

    1. I absolutely agree with you Jeff.  I have the original RAZR and don’t think i can stomach the weird partially white one.  Though the “storm trooper” comment seems right on.  I can see it clipped to their utility belt now….

    2. I also agree. Most phones has a black chassis. It is good to switch to another color sometimes. :)

  17. Oh brother. Here comes the C&D from Lucas

  18. Yikes…

  19. Or you just happen to like how the white looks. Since when did the color white = gay?!

    1. Since white requires cleaning, and who likes cleaning? ___

      1. Uhm, Obsessive compulsive fellows?

        1. your comment reflects that u want to fuck a gay but u  r just hesitated …grow up 

      2. That makes no sense at all.

  20. I think the white one’s pretty slick, honestly. But I still want the Nexus.

  21. they should have changed the battery door too.

  22. Yeah, the phone looks perfect for the ladies. Just got a perfect gift idea to my lady friends. :D 

  23. WANT!!!

  24. One word.

    D I s g u s t I n g

  25. my one word…. awesome. i really like the contrast and the fact the white isn’t over done (a common issue i have white phones). +1 for moto, well done.

  26. A cutting edge design but a double-edged sword considering the visual contrast.  Still, the design beats out the all black by a razor-thin margin and both are a cut above the competition.

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