Google Translate Updated with Handwriting Recognition

Google Translate is a great tool for deciphering foreign languages on the go, and it’s getting better. With the addition of handwriting recognition in a new update, users now have the benefit of translating languages with characters not typically found on an English keyboard, such as Japanese and Chinese. Those two languages are joined by English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish in supporting the new feature. Text and voice input still figure to be a big part of using the app, but this latest wrinkle opens up a world of possibilities.

Android Market Link: Google Translate

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • DYNK

    Gj google. Its the software which, in the end, divides us between other OS competitors.
    Keep em coming.

  • fauxfire27

    Yeah! Now I have yet another way to geek out!

  • Max Bauske

    I cannot figure out how to check out this new feature? 

  • Sam Monty

    hehhe..I can now curse my friends in native language…LOL