Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receives Pre-launch Update to Android 4.0.2


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still hanging in no man’s land between its unveiling by Google and a final launch on Verizon, but when that day does come new buyers of the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich handset can expect an update to hit the device shortly after powering up for the first time. The update brings the phone’s Android version 4.0.2 and likely addresses issues that have kept the handset sidelined (among other things) despite indications that the Galaxy Nexus is primed for release.

The ICL53F build number is more recent than the ITL41F build that delivered Android 4.0.1 to the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus, but we don’t expect much to be different between the two.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. So.. when is it coming out? D:

    1. Tomorrow according to a leaked document yesterday and another leaked document today.

      1. But.. How? Isn’t the white Droid RAZR coming out tomorrow? Verizon didn’t even mention this phone..

        1. The Rezound, as well as the Droid 3 did not get an announcement, until the second they were released. This is not uncommon.

          1. That is a canned response to an email, not a release of any kind.

      2. Just got a call from my verizon store where I have a Nexus on hold. (they only have 5) I was ready to go tomorrow morning as they had said to come in and they were a go for sale, now they just got word that they were not able to sell it per Verizon, and they would call me when they get another launch date.  Verizon is really getting bad.

        1. I called 3 stores…all denied knowing a release date and having any stock in house!  The 611 rep told me definitely by end of year… boo big red i say

        2. just got word from my rep “delayed until further notice” right before she left her store a few min ago

          she had been saying tomorrow all along too :(

    2. Everything that leaked this week points to tomorrow. Although, Verizon could pull a “Verizon” and postpone it again. =T

  2. Here’s to hoping that is the update they wanted ready for launch and tomorrow is a go.

    1. edit: rm’d b/c i was wrong.

  3. So wait, I’m confused.  Wasn’t there a 4.1 test version floating around at one point?  Or was that bogus?  If it was legit, how does 4.0.2 supercede 4.1?  I hate vague version numbers.

    1. i went back and re-read those articles. it looks like 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 is confirmed as an update soon after activation. 4.1 looks like a possible leak that will be an OTA in the near future.

  4. Yeah by the time it comes out the update will be 5.0

  5. Let’s be serious…this is an update to reduce functionality and will include the new VCAST skin.  That’s what has been holding up the phone.  

    1. tone down pessimism 

      1. I’m as happy as a rainbow…I have no idea what you’re talking about…haha.  I’m a bit jaded from all this and am growing to despise Verizon.

  6. Wait, are you saying there is a new phone coming out?  Wow, I haven’t heard of this before.

  7. 4.0.2?  What about 4.1.0?  I have seen screen shots of a Nexus with 4.1.0 on it.  Why isn’t that being sent out?

  8. I feel so bad for people waiting to get this from Verizon. I’ve never seen a carrier act like this before, and while it’s certainly gaining them publicity, it’s not necessarily the good kind. 

  9. Sweet. hopefully this fixes the bugs so my vcast will play more smoothly, along with the blockbuster app that’s likely preinstalled.

  10. Just called( 15min ago 4:45p.m. est) my Verizon in downtown Baltimore and the sales rep told me tomorrow is launch day and they will have them in stock!

    When I asked if I could get on a list for one the guy took my name an put it on his list and told me to ask for him when I get there after work. Looking good!

    1. Better call back.  My Verizon store just called me and said the launch was put on hold…. again.

      1. hmmmm

        1. yep, mine too


          2. How come that “official” press release isn’t on Verizon Wireless’s own press release page?  You’d think it would show up there first.

  11. Oh, and to Kevin Krause:

    Should I expect any sort of confirmation after sending the address and PayPal information to Quentyn? I just want to make sure that the e-mail went through.

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Excellent – more Android gospel about the Nexus Prime. I look forward tomorrow almost as much as Christmas morning… Nevertheless, as long as Verizon, Google, and Samsung workout their marriage issues before 12/25/2011.

  13. 10 minutes ago our location said that they’d be on sale tomorrow, so here’s hoping for that to be true! Or, I could get a call soon saying that they were wrong, hehe.

    1. all stores should now have received updated instructions saying “delayed until further notice”

      i’d check again man.


  15. isn’t droid 4 releasing same day too… that fell off the face of the earth…

  16. And wheres my email that i gave them about the phone huh whats the point of that when they dont tell you anything about the phone

  17. I called to reserve a Nexus a couple hours ago, and they said they’d put my name on the list.  When I asked if they knew when it was going to be released, they said they didn’t know yet.

    A minute ago, they called me back and told me they just got word from corporate that it’s going on sale tomorrow, and they set me up an appointment at 9 AM. o_O

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