Telstra Tests “Androidland” – The First Ever Android Store [Video]

Telstra in Melbourne (Australia) have opened a new store called Androidland. As the name suggests, the store is an Android haven for phones, accessories and hopefully other fun products. This is the first store (that we know of, anyway) that is dedicated to Android. It’s not quite a Google thing, though Telstra did work with Google and OEM partners to get everything up and going.

The 154 square-meter store has been in the works since July and will stay open for a minimum of six months. If the store does well expect it to stay open even longer. It’s been completely decked out with Android-themed images, working robots and a whole lot more. My personal favorite is the spaceship where you can play Angry Birds on a huge screen.

Other cool features of the spaceship are Androidify Me and a Google Earth console that lets you explore the Earth as if you were actually in a space ship. If I were rich I’d be on the first flight to Melbourne to bask in all of it. Take a look at the video above. [AusDroid via Android Central]

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  • Lee Goldschmidt

    Pretty cool!

  • Jdog25

    That’s crazy

  • Alek Tritt

    Calling all Australians: Make this store successful so it expands to the US!

    • Kaddoble

      we will :)

  • Ryan Revels

    154 sq ft? Is it a closet?

    • BrianB13

      Read it again.  It’s 154 square meters not feet.  There is approximately 3.3 feet per meter so its not a closet but still a small retail space.

    • gmaninvan

      square meter

  • JamesS

    I’m going to Australia for New Years. I’ll definitely be road tripping through Melbourne and check this out. Any word on where in Melbourne?

  • Aeires

    Chicago needs one of these, yesterday!

  • Longboardandroid

    Wow that’s really taking it to the next level

  • Corey McAvoy

    thats awesome!

  • Andrew Lape

    ….154 square feet? lol

  • LaurentB

    154 square feet? Really ? Everything Android fits in a store 10 feet wide by 15 feet long…the size of a small bedroom ? I would hope it’s actually 150 square meters…Android deserves at least that much space!

  • Phil_333

    Was at my local mall yesterday sitting between the Windows store and Apple store. I noticed the apple store had a much larger crowd. Then I began to think “What if we had an Android store?…bet the crowd in there would be insane!”

    Come on mates….make this a success so all Android fans can rejoice!

    • Justin Quang

      Haha. If the Microsoft Store is the one that is just opened, then I think I know which mall you’re talking about.

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    pretty kool, but 154sq feet? My bedroom is bigger then this…. o_O
    Tell me thats a typo…
    [edited] Ahh there we go. 154 square meters/ That’s much better. ;)

  • gmaninvan

    I have been saying for ages that if android wants to compete with apple on a complete customer experience, they need to compete with the retail presence of the apple stores. Do you know how many people I have heard that have said they will stick with Apple because they brought their phone in with a problem and Apple gave them a new one no questions asked? Little do they know, they just got a refurb but that is beyond the point. It is cheaper to have someone in a third world country repair your phone than a tech at the store but it provides value to the customer that mail in warrantees cant provide.

  • R L


  • Jake Toth

    Androidswag…. ?

  • Chris Stiles

    That’s so cool! We need one here in London, ASAP. I can’t find a case for my G-Nex anywhere here. :(

  • Wesley

    I had this idea for an Android shop in London…don’t have the dough to start it though. 

    Way cooler than an apple store full of isheep.

  • Matthew Merrick

    <3 this. needs a better name tho :P