Dec 2nd, 2011

Telstra in Melbourne (Australia) have opened a new store called Androidland. As the name suggests, the store is an Android haven for phones, accessories and hopefully other fun products. This is the first store (that we know of, anyway) that is dedicated to Android. It’s not quite a Google thing, though Telstra did work with Google and OEM partners to get everything up and going.

The 154 square-meter store has been in the works since July and will stay open for a minimum of six months. If the store does well expect it to stay open even longer. It’s been completely decked out with Android-themed images, working robots and a whole lot more. My personal favorite is the spaceship where you can play Angry Birds on a huge screen.

Other cool features of the spaceship are Androidify Me and a Google Earth console that lets you explore the Earth as if you were actually in a space ship. If I were rich I’d be on the first flight to Melbourne to bask in all of it. Take a look at the video above. [AusDroid via Android Central]

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