Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, Picks Up his Galaxy Nexus

The Woz may have helped to start the behemoth that is now Apple, but now he has crossed behind enemy lines to pick up his very own Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Wozniak stopped over at the Google campus today where he received the GNex and a t-shirt. The pictures of the event, which show him in front of Google’s Android statues, are circulating all over Google+ at the moment.

We can’t say whether or not Wozniak will use the Galaxy Nexus as his every day smartphone (he has been an iPhone user in the past), but the exchange sends a message to Apple. Though he doesn’t work for the company anymore, it still has to sting to see a man who put a lot of hard work into creating the brand being friendly with the competition.

[via Google+ (Nicolas Roard)]

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  • John

    He decided to finally choose the better phone.

    • Jdog25

      He has been using Android phones along with iPhones since the first Droid came out. He will have like 8 different devices for navigation on at the same time in his car. 

      He is just someone who likes to try all different types of tech like myself.

      • ari_free

        Yeah but it’s the photo op on Google campus. Apple PR isn’t going to like this.

        • Phillip Thomas

          why does that matter to you though?

          • fred12345

            Because it matters to iTards.  For the same reason they only buy Apple stuff for no other reason other than the fact it’s made by Apple.  Apple can do no wrong as far as they are concerned but they don’t understand technology enough to make that determination themselves.

    • Monkey

      I just want to point out, this is not his first android phone. He went on the Endadget show and showed everyone what devices he has on him at all times. At that time they were:
      A Verizon Iphone 4
      An ATT Iphone 4
      And either 1 or 2 Nexus S phones (I can’t remember exactly
      An Ipad

      He’s just updating his android device, thats all.

      • John

        interesting. didn’t know about all that…..thx

        • lordofthereef

          It’s easier to just talk s***, huh? ;)

  • lolwut

    He’s still a paid employee. He doesn’t “work” for the company, but he’s still on the payroll. This is great to see. I’m with Woz, I use an iPhone 4S and a HTC Desire Z and they’re both great. The flame wars are obnoxious. Apple’s militant stance towards Android is obnoxious. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?

    • jamdev12

      Rodney said that and look at what happened in LA during that time.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Much respect to you sir.  I’d do the same thing if I could afford it.  

  • phreemovement


  • Mitch Samuels

    I love how he gets it after Steve Jobs is dead. Steve probably would have killed him if he were alive.

  • Daniel Padgett

    Steve did tweet the other day “Looking into Galaxy Nexus phone but it’s probably not here yet. (@ Best Buy)”

    • riffwaffle

      woz asked siri…it told him too..

  • pzoo

    Woz is a publicly acknowledged fan of both Android phones and iPhones, often carrying several devices at the same time.  He’s a true gadgeteer and appreciator of any well made machinery.

  • Aaron

    Insert “rolling over in grave” comment here!

    • Alexander Ramirez

      Et tu, Woz?

  • cbkcc1

    woz has and always will be a true tech guy, an og tech guy imo.  open to testing and playing with gadgets is what he loves.  no surprise for me.

  • Veccster

    Wasn’t he also first in line for the iphone 4S?

    • David Seibel

      I think he took cuts.

    • Covert_Death

      i don’t think woz has to wait inline for apple products…. he kinda invented the first few…

      • Wehooo

        He dosent have to but he still does it every year to be a part of the geek crowd.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      I think you’re right.  I saw some pics.  

  • Liquifire3d

    Somebody’s turnin in their grave.

  • David Seibel

    And then he proceeded to eat the gigantic doughnut.

    Seriously though, he already told people that he has a bunch of different phone types besides the Apple one.

  • Robert Cuthbert

    Mmmm, Ice Cream Sandwich tastes gooder!

  • Mr. T

    He’s had more than a couple Androids.. Those I know of, Nexus S and Droid Charge.

  • bob

    All I know is if I was that rich I definitely wouldn’t be fat and out of shape. I would want to be as healthy as possible so I could live a long long life to spend all my money. :)

    • Micah Roy

      Steve Jobs was in shape :)

      • Steven Skwarkowski

        Yea…bad shape!

        Too soon?

        • Covert_Death

          cancer? not much he could do about that. I’ve had it and you soon realize to just enjoy life for what it is

          • CalypsoArt

            The current book about Jobs notes that his desire to control everything may have made things worse and even killed him. It suggests that when cancer first reared it head he refused the accepted treatments and was certain he could beat it himself with lifestyle changes and alternative treatments. By the time he accepted his method was not working it was too late. 

    • riffwaffle

      hate to break it to you.alot of in shape leave their loved ones early…most important thing is to enjoy yourself.whatever life you have,whatever you enjoy doing..not people saying or telling them what they need to do to be happy,,i know alot more heavy guys who truly enjoy their lives than skinny the ones committing suicide and all..but really enjoy life..granted being in some form of shape is a good thing.

  • James_C_L


  • Brad

    The man just appreciates technology. Its not a knock against Apple, The GN is the most advanced phone out/almost out right now. Can’t blame the man for appreciating that.

  • Steve Albright

    As an Apple fan (not fanboy) that uses multiple Android devices, I love to see this.  The more Apples users that have Android devices means better OS X / Android support.  I always hate when there is a sweet Mac App and not native Android application to go along with it… but there is always an iPhone one.. ug.  

    For a second note, If I was a co-founder of Apple… I would have a hard time to even accept an Android device.  Being that Wozniak can accept other competing companies products …well that goes a long way.  It would just be hard to even choose an Android device with a past with Apple like his.  

    Win win article IMO.  ;)

  • Ted Calouri

    I like the idea of moving past the hostility.

  • ericl666

    Woz is greatness. He got flak for getting a Nexus One when it came out too.

  • Gaza

    The Woz could have bought this phone anywhere. The fact that he had it presented to him in a photo op right outside the google offices with the symbols in the background could only have been done to the insult of Apple.

    • Jonathan Fingas

      Don’t assign a conspiracy where there is none. Woz might not even have been uncomfortable on the Google campus before Jobs passed.  He’s a geek who loves tech… and no, he couldn’t have bought it anywhere, because he’d have to either import a European model or wait until the Verizon model ships to stores.

  • Jonathan Fingas

    Woz is doing what a lot of you refuse to do: he’s willing to try the ‘other side’ and appreciate the things it does right.  A good techie doesn’t turn it into a holy war.

  • Chris Sullivan

    Woz, contact me, I will give you $500 for that phone!

  • Lester Walters

    Can you feel Chris’ pain?
    @Gamercore Chris Chavez
    Alright. My week with the
    Nexus S is finally over. Was more painful than I thought it’d be. Going
    back to my Evo 3D (where I belong)

  • hulk smash

    That’s cool.

  • Gaza

    So instead of waiting like everyone else, he decided to give google this great photo op in exchange for one. When you have the kind of money he has it is unlikely he would not have been able to obtain a nexus some other way. Believe what you like, but this was definetely done in this way in order to send a message to Apple. Extremely rich people do not have to resort to publicity stunts to get what they want.

    • Covert_Death

      that or he was such a bad-ass and talks with Eric Schmidt from time to time and Eric said, yea i can get you one if you want it! just come down to my campus and get one. and so he did, someone snapped a photo of the occasion and he was on his way…

      i swear, people really like conspiracy stories

  • Guest

    Considering how dismissive Apple is of Android, this must hurt. I think Woz just realized that 4s he stood in line for wasn’t all that.

  • JiMMaRu

    I love this guy , he’s a real geek XD

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Woz just showed up because he heard a rumor that all those statues outside were real treats!

    Hes like the true to life Home Simpson. They handed him a phone and a shirt, told him to smile, snapped a few pics and left. He didnt know what to do!

  • Mike Credelle

    I knew Steve Wozniak in the 90s, he always wanted to know the latest technology, and I don’t doubt he still feels the same.

  • jonathanbond110111

    Samsung: well at least we know everybody at Apple Inc. Isn’t so stupid after all

    HTC: he’s only there because they were giving out free ice cream sandwiches

    Motorola: talk about sleeping with the enemy

    Samsung: Steve Jobs is turning in his grave right now

    HTC: now ain’t that a bitch. This Guy got some balls

    LG: he might be trying to see what’s inside

    HTC: the only thing he a be looking for is something to eat

    Samsung: he probably was the first person to get the gingerbread version

    • Covert_Death


    • jason404

      How’s the crystal meth?

      • jonathanbond110111

        Your mother is doing fine. Now if you can’t take the heat, don’t stay in the sun

        • Cipher Zero

          Did you learn your proverbs and sayings from the old bartender in The Boondock Saints?

  • Mark

    I think Woz just likes cool tech, whoever it comes from.

  • Rorison Meadows


  • Charles Arnold

    Woz has always been seen with the latest phones,
    including android phones. He is a lover of tech not brands. There was a
    bit of a “zomg” a while back when he was misquoted about saying some
    android phone was his main phone ( forget the actual phone) when what he
    really said was something along the lines he was just currently testing
    out the phone a lot. Not that it was his main phone. That honor was
    still the iphone ( at the time at least, sure it is still the same

    So this isn’t really about crossing the lines, this is about being a true lover of tech.

    Also on a side note, i thought i heard he still receives a paycheck from apple, thus works for them, but just doesn’t do anything. lol.

  • riicoos

    Maybe he just liked it and wanted to use ICS, who wouldn’t he is a humang being too and he loves tech, so no biggie i say 

  • WickedToby741

    He normally carries multiple phones. I remeber watching one interview with him where he had a Nexus One, an iPhone 4, and even an old school RAZR on him all at once.

  • bryandobson

    In what way does this send any sort of message to Apple? I know plenty of people who are die hard Apple users, but still enjoy other phones. Woz likes technology and the Nexus is a very nice phone. But come on.

  • Guest

    it doesn’t send any message to Apple, I think this just shows Steve Wozniak is a gadget freak and unlike most of us, can afford to buy a lot of gadgets, but still good on him for buying an android device

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I love to see people with an open mind like this.  Like I said above I’d definitely have both devices if I could afford it.