Red Droid Incredible 2 Coming to Verizon Nov. 24


Verizon has a lot of new handsets for the holiday season, one of which would surely slip through the cracks if it wasn’t for its bold color scheme. Yes, Verizon is doing a second push for the HTC Droid Incredible 2, and this time the thing is slathered in red. The look reminds us of some of the initial leaks for the original Droid Incredible, when it was rendered to have a red battery cover similar to the one seen above. Other elements of the DInc2 remain the same with the new color scheme coming available beginning November 24th. What do we think?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Oh cool.  Is this the new Galaxy Nexus?

  2. A little too light colored, but nice to see them doing something new. Maybe a deeper, more metallic looking red would work better.

  3. Red rocket! Red rocket! It’s hideous.

    1. so many things wrong with that comment…i dunno how to respond

  4. Hey Verizon:

    How ’bout you worry less about releasing an assortment of colors of a device no one cares about and worry more about getting me my FRICKIN’ GALAXY NEXUS!!!!

    1. Yes, because those two things are related to each other and putting out a new color of a phone surely impacts the release of a brand new phone.

      1. The Internet: Serious Business

  5. That thing looks pretty rad. I could roll with something like that, though I know a lot of other people probably couldn’t handle it. 

  6. Oh wow, the Nexus got red.

    Wait, it’s not the Nexus? WHO THE !@#$ CARES.

  7. That is one ugly phone.

  8. That thing is ugly. I prefer the blacked out look of my dinc2

  9. So let me get this straight. You put out a release date for a re-release of an old phone no one no longer cares about but you don’t put out a date for the Nexas? I’m done. Can’t wait till my contract is up.

    1. So, let me get this straight, leaving Verizon not because they have bad phones, bad service, bad coverage, or any other relevant issue, but instead because they are re-releasing an older phone to stimulate new sales and haven’t yet confirmed the release of the Nexus. 

      I hate to think how quickly you would leave Sprint if you had to deal with no Nexus and crappy data speeds, or AT&T and T-Mobile and their respective issues.

      And also, if your contract is not up, are you going to be spending full retail for your Nexus? If not, why do you care since you won’t be getting one anyway.

      1. No I’m done with Verizon because they are greedy and ridiculously expensive. Their phones aren’t that great. The one good phone they have they won’t release. Both T-mobile and At&t are cheaper, have faster 3G speeds and At&t will be getting LTE as well. Not to mention the other networks update their phones faster than verizon. Also yes to answer your question yes I was going to buy it full retail.

        1. Actually verizon is one of the best with updates. But hey good luck going to tiered plans. I mean if at&t didn’t suck in my area maybe I would consider it. Then again I am grandfathered in unlimited data so until they take that away i will stick with big red.

  10. I love the bold color, similar to the blue Nokia that was shown a few weeks ago.

  11. Love how we get an announcement about this but not the nexus, go figure

  12. Looks better than the white version.

  13. Glad to see some creativity in phone designs. The incredible is HTCs least cookie cutter phone IMO.

  14. i like it……but its old….

  15. Real men like Pink .

  16. it matches the fury in my eyes

  17. I do.

  18. Personally I like it.

    Now enough about the fucking Nexus. It’s getting ridiculous how many comments there are about the fucking Nexus on a article that has nothing to do with it. It’s down right annoying. It’s bad enough that every other story is about that phone but to talk about that phone on a story that has nothing to do with it is fuckn lame.

  19. why not release a purple Droid Incredible?  Oh wait… they did then called it Rhyme…

  20. I don’t understand why they can’t release multiple colors on launch day. I mean this phone is getting old in android terms.

  21. I like it. The Incredible has been good to verizon, good to see it still doing well.

  22. Bottom line… this is a great phone.  It’s perfect size to palm and has good battery life.  Last me for the entire day – most Android phones can’t say that.

  23. Should have added a 4G radio. It would be a huge success if it were 4G. No one will buy it because it’s now red.

  24. All this talk about the Nexus. Stop your whining. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled 4 year old brats. If you don’t like the dinc2 in red  don’t get it, who cares.  i have the dinc 2 in black and just ordered the red one for my g/f. Yes it is single core, and yes it has less internal memory that the more powerful phones. But this phone is definitely  more bang for your buck. great size, nice size display, battery life is good. and with a 32 gb card youll most likely never run out of memory. My god its a smart phone.  not a home computer. And for thoes that think they will do better with sprint or the other carriers,  good luck. they nickle and dime you on everything as well and their service sucks.  Here’s a pacifier for you Nexus crybabies.

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