Google Maps Updated In The Android Market – Adds Nearby Event Lisitings To Places and More

Google Maps was updated in the Android Market today and among the more notable changes was the addition of “live events” to the Places page. Android users in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Zurich and London will be the first to enjoy this new feature that gives you real-time listings of events in your city. This will be great for bored folks or frequent travelers.

Maps also lost a “feature” with the removal of the “Post to Twitter” option when a user writes a review in Places (no doubt soon-to-be replaced by “Post to Google+). Oh, and you may have noticed that Latitude received a spiffy new icon in your app drawer, replacing the old Donut looking version of yester-version. Jump on the Market and get to updating!

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[Images via Verge]

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  • Olya Buin

    w00t! let us have a map party!

    • Chris Chavez

      FIESTA!! :D


    Google maps crew, great job and how bout some speed limits please, thank you from your friendly neighborhood Fapple

  • krudl3rx

    Battery has sucked since this update… anyone else experience the same?

  • Joshua Peters

    How about updating the navigation app? Give us a 3D view? How about more route options?

  • Ph0z3

    With this update, you cannot check into places on latitude, if you do not have a google+ account. So I just stopped using latitude. :'(