Netflix Updated In The Android Market – Now Supports CM7, Subtitles and Alternate Audio

Netflix updated their Android app today in the Market and I must say, I’m a little puzzled by this one. While I don’t actually subscribe to their service or use their app, I could have sworn some of the “new additions” were already there in the last version. Hmmm.. Well, whether it was just your typical bug-fixes or new features, Netflix did in fact update their app today, listing notable changes as Android 3.x support and support for CM7. Kinda neat to see a big company like Netflix officially supporting the Android modding community like that. Also thrown in was support for subtitles and alternate audio which means you can now watch those weird foreign movies like “Old Boy” without poor dubbing! And all from your handy smartphone or tablet. Woot!

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  • Mansur Syed

    but oldboy isn’t on instant watch :(

    • yomama84

      It is.  I remember saving it to my ‘watch instantly’ slot.  Maybe it’s not on there anymore though

      • Mansur Syed

        I had it on my instant watch list as well, but looks like they took it out. 

  • Joe Fedewa

    This actually isn’t new. The first 4 bullet points are from the October 21st update. This update is only minor bug fixes.


  • Jeran

    I’ve never had Netflix problems on CM7.

  • Robert Cuthbert

    Wow… Netflix actually works on my old Droid Eris now.  Pretty nifty.

  • vorian atreides

    So i can watch subtitles on my Android device, but on my xbox360 not?…

    • pr1nyc1

      I was thinking the same exact thing. I wonder if PS3 users have subtitles.

      • jd_from_da_80s

        Yep, not for everything but for a lot.  Gotta activate it before the show starts

  • Fredrick Mungurere

    that is genius good job netflix very good