Gingerbread Rolling out for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Tomorrow (Nov. 9)


After months of leaks and speculation, is the Samsung Epic 4G finally getting its update to Android 2.3? That’s the word from a source speaking to Android Central. It’s actually a bit silly that such a big-name handset still hasn’t received Gingerbread with other members of the Galaxy S II family long updated and Ice Cream Sandwich around the corner. I suppose that’s how these things go, though.

The update is the EI22 build we have seen previously and will fix plenty of bugs and provide many additional features. It will begin for a small portion of users tomorrow and reach all within eight days, if things go according to plan.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I wonder what the hold up was on this? People were actually getting refurb units with Gingerbread on them for awhile now. Hmmmm…

    1. Maybe its easier to ship a phone with the latest firmware, instead of successfully updating one without breaking anything? 

    2. Samsung has been known to leave their old phones in the dust. The second their flagship device and its variants are upgraded to a new series, Samsung forgets about them. Same thing happened with Froyo basically. It’s ridiculous. 

      Also, the ironic thing is people at XDA were able to get a system dump of EI22 yesterday thanks to a member named CrimsonFlare who received a refurbished phone with EI22. Kind of makes me wonder if XDA caused this to push out early lol.

    3. I had it for 4 months and had fun with it. I moved on to bigger and better things. This phone left such a bad taste in my mouth, I will never buy another Samsung phone again. The keyboard felt like it was going to fall off when you were using it, was very hesitant on buying a Droid 3 for this reason, but its keyboard is rock solid. Lastly when I heard the Rumors that Sprint was ditching their WiMAX 4G that we where suppose to get where I live forever ago, it was the last straw. I am so glad I got rid of this thing.

  2. Holy crap! A little late to the party I see.

  3. I’m not holding my breath. They were several months late with their promise of Froyo, so I’ve long had a leaked version of Gingerbread.

  4. So will this ever receive ICS?

    1. One word………….NO!

    2. Officially………………….Let’s see what happens to the i9000 first

      Unofficially…………….. Yeah, uh huh you know what is.

  5. So this isnt really an official announcement from sprint just a rumor or speculation based on an unnamed anonymous source

  6. This is not in the Galaxy S II family….. It is a single core Galaxy S on Sprint…

    Does Kevin Krause have a second job? 
    How could this have been forgotten?

    Also the Fascinate doesn’t have Gingerbread and might never ever get it. 

    1. i don’t get it. of course it’s not a GSII device, its a GSI device. what is your comment about?

      1. The article says GSII.

        1. Yup, Kevin’s articles have been really bad lately. It’s like he makes no effort to edit and proofread his articles. Smh… 

        2. ahh well shame on kevin, i didn’t catch it in time haha

    2. Its probably just a slip up from writing so many GSII articles as of late.

  7. Whats the use now? This thing is basically obsolete!hahahahahah!

  8. HAHA is this a joke? You mean to tell me this old phone has not had gingerbread. Feel bad for the poor bastards who bought this. I just hope I don’t become one of those poor bastards getting Ice Cream Sandwich at this time next year on my GSII Epic 4G Touch..

  9. Actually this phone still beats many phones being released today and is still on of the best keyboard phones with a dedicated number line. Anywho, this build is from months ago it was sprint holding up the update not Samsung. Of course it will get ice cream sandwhich, official? No but we have a port already in the works and through CyanogenMod we’ll see ICS before most devices. Be jealous or not I don’t care :)

  10. Haha.  stale gingerbread is what they will be serving. 

  11. Infuse 4G still waiting for the update they promised by the end of August.
    (actually, not waiting… loaded a custom ROM Sunday)

    1. I waited a year to root (wasted time). With the gingerbread example, I don’t see why anyone would wait. I can’t believe there are Android phones still on 2.2! Carrier’s stuck on stupid!

  12. Meanwhile, no news on my phone the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate on Verizon or the Captivate on AT&T or the Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G on Tmobile.

  13. The solution to all this is a Nexus phone. No more carrier toying with the customer’s emotion.

    1. yea but no galaxy nexus officially announced for sprint customers who dont wanna switch to verizon lose unlimited data and pay higher prices

      1. how much data do you actually use? 

        im on sprint now with this phone and i use no more then 500mb’s anyways. the unlimited thing is ok but you should check to see how much you actually use. i get no 4g in my area, i dont get good signal like i used to, and the data speed is slow. id rather give verizon my money for good coverage + 4g + faster speeds and better phones 

  14. This is most likely the last official update for the Epic. Prepare for unofficial support through Cyanogen from here on out.

  15. to bad im going to verizon for the rezound 

    1. so y comment

  16. Yawn, been running gingerbread for months on my LG Optimus One even though it has never been released for that phone as far as I know and maybe never will.  Gotta luv the power of custom ROM Android.

  17. Wow, as a Epic owner I cant believe ITS FINALLY HAPPENED!  I am happy, and pissed off at the same time.  I have been running a GB 2.3.4 hack with many ICS goodies from ACS team on XDA, and it kicks ass.  But atleast those who arent geeky enough to dick around with custom roms will get to enjoy GB features such as video chat via gchat.  This phone has been awesome, with new custom roms it continues to get better and did I mention how much cooler it is than my new work iphone 4?  I looked into jail breaking my iphone 4 so I can add cool features like the ability to toggle 3g/wifi/brighteness from the pull down notification bar, and have custom widgets and launchers that look like HTC sense.  All standard on android. 

    I am still glad I got the Epic with the full keyboard.  Many friends got the Vibrant, or whatever the Verizon version is, with no keyboard, and i wouldnt trade my Epic for any of them.  Lots of cool custom ROMs for the Epic, glad to see its still getting love though this is most likely the last officlal update.   Keep em coming ACS!!!!!

  18. The Epic 4G is the only American variant of that had both a front facing camera and camera flash. As everyone can see now, it was the most future proof and is the only original variant to get video chat.

  19. Sad that this year + old phone is about to get 2.3 when phones this that came out year still have 2.2 ( Droid Charge, LG Thrill & Samsung Infuse to name a few).

  20. I think Samsung learned a lot about updating their phones, especially on their first real phone, the Galaxy S line.  I doubt they will make the same mistakes again.  they had the Galaxy S II in the hands of Cyanogen Mod team before it was out IIRC.  XDA made this phone kick ass and this phone has lots of life left.  You must be a motorola fan cuz the keyboard on this phone is nice.  I personally hate motorolas.  Especially their screen’s. 

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