Samsung ChatOn for Android Now Available

Samsung’s own attempt at BBM – ChatOn – is now available for free in the Android market. It’s giving you the whole shebang: videos, photos, group messaging and a lot more. Nothing revolutionary at this point, though it all does look very. ChatOn is currently available for Android devices and bada 2.0 phones, while your iOS and Blackberry OS buddies will soon be able to join you. Find the free download in the Android market here.

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  • selonmoi

    US only?

    • socalrailroader

      Not if you’re in the US :)

  • Khalid.H

    I’ll stick to gtalk, thanks.

    • Dinoshark

      I’ll stick with WhatsApp. But credits to Samsung for making a good looking, cross platform app.

  • Robby Roberts

    Not compatible with Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T). :-(
    A shame since BBM is about all I miss about my BlackBerry… well, that and a physical keyboard. But, I can resolve that by making sure my next Android has one.

  • smc29

    This is a really neat program, thanks once again Sammy~

  • pr1nyc1

    Thanks i downloaded it

  • socalrailroader

    I can’t get the verification code sent to me, and from the market reviews it appears I am not alone.

    • socalrailroader

      I tried it four times, after the fourth try it said “Verification failed. Retry in 5 minutes”.

      • DarrenR

        Im still trying too.

        • DarrenR

          Now Im getting multiple codes, and none of them work since I requested so many.

  • skrtcsr

    Verification Code Never Arrives… Come On Samsung, We’ve been waiting for months for this App to release and this is the best you can do. Kick your verification server in the A$$ a few times and get that thing working. Your quickly loosing steam here. Not a good first impression BY FAR!!!!

    • skrtcsr

      Finally got my verification code an hour later…. however I had resent it a few times so I’m sure it was the 1st one which is no longer valid. Word of caution use the “Resend Verification” button sparingly, as it clearly is like resetting a password and it invalidates previous codes. I think patience is the best option here, it appears that their servers are sending … just using the “slow boat to China to do it”. I’ve now received 3 codes, but I hit Resend 5 times…. so maybe by lunch I’ll receive my final and correct code???

      • d83023

        Or you could wait dude, there are many people waiting for theirs too

  • Jay

    Not working on the Motorola Atrix running cyanogenmod. I think it’s probably our resolution?

  • Filippo Corti

    Do not send multiple requests, cause when u receive the first code it will result invalid

  • UniqueNate

    Giu don’t even get a verification after setting it you. Fail

  • DarrenR

    Got it working, good thing none of my friends are using it.

  • Tom

    No problems with my rooted SGS-I9000. Downloaded straight and received verification code in less than 5 minutes. Works fine here in Asia and Europe with my buddies. I am sure it’ll be all fine with you as well. Enjoy ….

  • Esmond Yeo

    why not just preload apps like ebuddy xms or whatsapp on their new samsung phones instead of spending time and money on deving apps like these which can be found in the market.

    seriously there’s a ton of these kind of apps, we dont need any more