As Samsung Galaxy S II Wins T3’s Phone of the Year Award, Samsung UK Confirms “Nexus Prime” Coming Sooner Than We Think


T3’s Gadget Awards are going on right now and Samsung had the honor of accepting the Phone of the Year award for their Galaxy S II smartphone. Great! But that isn’t even close to being the story here. After accepting the award, Samsung UK’s Andrew Glass, a sales director, was in such a good mood that he confirmed to T3 that the Nexus Prime would be coming a sooner than we think:

You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think

So number one, that lends credence to our source yesterday who told us to expect the device to see its first release on November 3rd and to expect an announcement sooner than that. Secondly, it’s the first time that anyone from Samsung, Google or anyone else directly involved has mentioned the phone by name (or mentioned it period) and he mentioned it as the “Nexus Prime.”

No one’s sure at this point what it’ll be called, but other possibilities include Samsung Galaxy Nexus (it appeared on Picasa when someone uploaded photos from the phone) and the DROID Prime, which would be Verizon’s version (though some are suggesting this will be close to a Galaxy S II handset with TouchWiz UI). We’ll surely be glad when all this is officially cleared up. Sit tight in the meantime. [Thanks Enea!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just announce it already! My contract isn’t even up for six months and I’m still dying here!

    1. my contract isn’t even up until June! :D

    2. I’m not even on a contract so that it saves me at least $600/year so this bad boy is already paid for. ^_^

    1. Everyone know Apple pays BGR by the article. What proof is there. A well known insider? oh wait i have a twitter account, maybe i should start posting random things and blogger will take it as fact.

    2. Yea I usually hold off on posting Eldar Murtazin rumors unless there is concrete proof. And the reason for delaying the announcement isn’t really that important/news worthy especially when mounting evidence suggests the phone’s original release date has never changed.

      1. I don’t even think we will find out why it even got delayed because last year the Nexus S got delayed and Google/Samsung didn’t say anything. I think that they may have had some Apple/Steve Jobs jokes so they decided to change their wording around but who knows.

        1. Occam’s razor

          1. Please explain.

          2. The most simple reason is most likely the real one.

            He said Google / Samsung probably put some digs in their keynote about Jobs. That’s why they cancelled it.

          3. I suspect he means that your answer is the most likely. Knowing how past debuts have gone, I suspect that it is very likely that you’re right.

  2. screw the award! we like moar rumors :)

  3. I’ve been off-contract for 3 months now, waiting for this! Just release the phone and take my money! Take it!

    1. 3 months for me, too. Oh man, I just want this damn phone!

      1. same here; bye bye to my OG Droid

    2. I’ve been sitting on a partially broken Galaxy S for quite some time just waiting for the Nexus Prime. The waiting is killing me.

      1. that’s so odd, i have a broken SGS too and am waiting impatiently for the Prime…

        1. OMG! You guys are like, soul mates!

          But yeah I’m upgrading my Thunderbolt, which I upgraded from my Droid, to the Nexus…don’t hate, I got money to burn. :(

          Nov 3rd is my birthday anyway. :D

          1. Wow me too! Now we are soul mates! Weeeee

          2. I have a perfectly functional, in contract, Droid X, but my wife is ready for an upgrade to her POS pink Razor, according to our contract, so I’ll be taking her upgrade to get the Prime, and she can take my X, or stick to her pink Razor, doesn’t matter to me.

          3. Dude, totally in the same boat. FYI, Swappa.com is a good place to be when you try and sell your Tbolt. I’ve still got the OG Droid to sell as well.

          4. My birthday is also November 3rd… this better be the best nexus or I’m going to it. Screw Verizon ..

            P.S. happy birthday guys.. lol NEXUS Triplets HAHA

      2. I went two years without putting a single scratch on my Nexus One and Nexus S but even so I still keep a rooted Vibrant as my back up.

        1. Back in… May? I dropped my Nexus One in my parking garage and the screen shattered. I had insurance with TMob but they sent me a Vibrant as a replacement. I rooted it immediately and put CM7 on it, but it totally sucks. It really pissed me off that my replacement for the Nexus One was such a crappy phone.

          1. Holy crap that sucks. The only reason I even have the Vibrant is because I got it for $80 or I wouldn’t have touched it.

    3. All my money are belong to Nexus. (Please, just take it already!)

      1. They’ve been taking mine since January 2010.

  4. That Verizon rumors been killed, hasn’t it?

    1. Right.
      Until I see a CDMA FCC filing for it, I’m not believing Verizon rumors.

  5. congrats Samsung and Nexus Prime!!

  6. There are a couple of things that are leading me to believe that, as always, Verizon is going to end up failing hard.

    1. There has been a lot of evidence to support the claim that the Verizon device will NOT be called the Prime. The fact that the guy called it the “Prime” makes me think that Verizon really is going to be getting some lower-spec crap version while everyone else enjoys a completely different device with monster specs (after already getting the SGS2 when VZW didn’t get it).

    2. After the CTIA thing was cancelled, there was a rumor that the device would be announced in London. Now we’ve got Samsung UK throwing out hints about it. To me, this means that the device will be released overseas first and Americans will be sitting around twiddling our thumbs while we wait some more.

    If these things end up happening, I am so done with Verizon. I’ve been extremely patient waiting for them to get their heads out of their asses and bring some bleeding edge devices to market, and they continue to disappoint again and again. I refuse to sign a 2 year agreement for an “okay” device. My contract has BEEN up. If Samsung announces a better Nexus device for everyone except VZW I’m jumping ship and locking in unlimited data on Sprint before they change their plans.

    1. Mines been up since April and I’m also on Verizon. It is getting a little ridiculous waiting on something worth while. I won’t be surprised if we don’t get it after the rumor of getting the Nexus One fell on it’s face. Add to that the FCC filings with GSM radios and I’m starting to get mad. Verizon needs to release some bada$$ phones without all the bloat crap on it.

    2. If VZW gets some watered down version of the Nexus, I will leave them. I do not need VZW. I need a damn good phone that is worth my money.

    3. 100% with you about leaving Verizon, probably for Sprint, if Verizon doesn’t get an equivalent phone to the other carriers with vanilla ICS.

    4. Verizon knows exactly what they’re getting. And they could have had the GSII if they wanted it. That suggests that, whatever they call it, it’ll be as high spec as everyone else’s Nexus Prime… unless of course, it was Google and Samsung scaling back over Verizon’s refusal to brand it other-than-Droid. My OG Droid is ready for retirement, and the rumors certainly make this sound like the one I’ll be buying. Hope Verizon doesn’t screw it up.

  7. If a phone is released on November 3, when is possible to get your hands on it? If I recall, I preordered my HTC Incredible and received it the day before release in the VZW stores. Is this usually the case? Should I actually expect to have the phone by November 3 or do I need to order it on that date.

    I am so ready for this!!!

  8. So wait now Verizon isn’t getting a nexus, but some bastard child version of ICS with droid branding? I guess hoping for pure Google experience is just to much to ask for on big red…

  9. Waiting for the prime to hit sprint. Can’t hold on any longer with my hero. If it doesn’t come to sprint, will have to decide between SGS2ET4G and that other phone that is being released this week. Come one google, all carriers please or you will be losing alot of business to that fruit company.

    1. I find it really amusing that even the abbreviation for the name of that phone is long enough to be a product name in it’s own right.

  10. Im still looking forward to the HTC Vigor…

  11. Samsung/google are the biggest prick tease ever

    1. That’d be your mom. (Sorry you left yourself wide open)

      1. “Sorry you left yourself wide open”…that is what your dad told your mom when he placed the “donation” on the dresser.

        1. Haha bravo. Touche

          1. “bravo. Touche” That is what The_ATL_Guy’s dad said to his “uncle” when they were “sword” fighting in the men’s shower.

  12. If Verizon gets some bastardized DROID branded POS that will be reliant upon Samsung to provide updates when they get around to it, I’m done. Talk about frustrating.

    1. LOL you are pissed about not getting an upgrade to the next version which not much is known about. Do you not drive because you might get in an accident

      1. No what pisses me off is with most phones you have to sit around and wait for the manufacturers to get off their asses and hand out an update which is already outdated when you get it. If I don’t have to wait for Samsung to pull their thumbs out of their butts to provide an update when there is one, I would be happy. (my wife’s phone still has 2.1 and she’s had it for less than a year, thanks Samsung)

        My point is, if whatever “Prime” phone comes to Verizon is bastardized and not a pure Google device, I’m heading off to Sprint (assuming they get it). At least they still have “unlimited” data.

  13. As long as this phone is not cheap feeling I will be getting this phone. That is in a few months when my contract ends. :)

  14. We need a iphone 6 killer now

  15. If Verizon gets anything other than a stock Android experience, I am going to be inconceivably angry and disappointed. Perhaps enough to jump ship.

    1. Stock android is like driving a yugo

  16. Any chance they may do it next week at All Things D: Asia? Andy Rubin and Samsung will be represented.

  17. Upgrading from the OG Droid. My wedding is on the 11th, what a perfect wedding gift for myself :)

  18. YAY please we need more teasers!!!

  19. I think I’m leaving VZW even if they get this phone first for a couple weeks (a rumor I don’t believe) VZW is just too expensive.

  20. The nexus prime will be T-mobile bound. Just watch.

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