Leisure Suit Larry to Get HD Remake and a Release on Android


Replay Games have acquired the rights to make Leisure Suit Larry games. After the almost-not-safe-for-work franchise made a turn for the worst in Magna Cum Laude-onward, Replay Games believes they can rejuvenate interest by remaking the original Windows games that had everyone going crazy.

I won’t lie – I enjoyed this series back when stick figure graphics were considered good and I’m excited to see a remake in the works. The company says they aim to get this thing onto as many platforms as they can, including Android. We likely won’t see the fruits of their labor until early 2012.

If the first port goes well, they look to remake the rest of the six games in the PC series, totaling seven games (though at this point it’s not clear if all 7 would make their way to Android). And if that’s not enough, how about straight up ports of the original? You’re about to get Larry in every flavor you can imagine, thanks to Replay. We’ll be looking forward to its release sometime next year. [via EGM]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. ahhhhh shiiii. awesome
    good times playing this game back in the day

  2. Awesome, this should be entertaining for a few hours.

  3. I grew up on those Sierra adventure games and, being french speaking, having to type your actions back in the day helped me a lot in learning my english. (I remember playing with an english-french dictionary in my hands in the early years) I’d be glad to play those games natively instead of going through ScummVM.

  4. HAAAA… i had the original for my old Tandy 5000 lol funny game

  5. LOL “Open Door”

    “Sit down”

    Classic.. I was a huge fan of these types of games (Especially Police Quest II)

    1. Oh ya way cool memories of these types of games.

  6. I remember playing 7 when I was around 7 lol getting the Easter eggs and what not… Good times!

  7. I loved these back on my 486! Always good T&A Sprite gawking fun!

  8. Sierra games were awesome back in the day. Would be great if all of them could be revived.

  9. haha it was only a matter of time

  10. Id love to see the original c&c (from Tiberian Dawn thru Red Alert 2) on a tablet!

  11. I think this is the greatest release idea for a game on Android that I’ve ever heard! I can’t wait!

  12. King’s Quest next? Thanks!

  13. Oh snap! Please, more point and click adventures for Android. It’s a perfect match. Space Quest next.

  14. I used to love this game! I still have all of the old PC games.

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