Need a ROM For Your Sensation 4G? Try These [Forum Talk]

Ah, indecision. It often happens to us ROM flashers. There are so many out there and it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. Some people may even be waiting on a ROM fro their favorite developer but have yet to see one (coughCYANOGENMODONEVO3Dcough).

Some of you Sensation users probably want to get the most of your phones after getting full root a while ago, though. member lucas.childers has put together a nice starter list of ROMs every flasher should try. He even gives descriptions for each one so you’re not running in blindly.

Don’t stop there, though – be sure to explore the All Things Root subsection and explore XDA for more. Let us know if you have any Sensation 4G ROM suggestions in the comments section below! []

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  • saynotopunx

    HTCClay’s Superlite v1.4 is definitely the fastest nonsense ROM. If you want to keep sense, Android Revolution HD is the best.

  • depee

    Absolutely agree love clays work since the g1 n hd2!

  • AdrianP513

    I’m using Android Revolution HD 3.0.3. Its been running pretty good although it has hiccup’d before. Everything works and is pretty smooth.

  • lucas.childers

    Thanks for posting :) ill try to keep the list going.

  • gabriel spain

    im using the beast rom v2