Android Overload: LG Lays Off 30% Of Mobile Division, Team TouchDroid Now Defunct and More


It’s almost Friday! And although we tried our very best to bring you all the most relevant and interesting Android news throughout the day, there are always those that slip through the cracks. But that’s why we have the Android Overload! Leave no story behind, that’s what we always say. So, even though we didn’t get a chance to bring these to you on our front page, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on ’em. Enjoy.

  • Team TouchDroid disbands. Releases half-baked Android ROM for the HP TouchPad. [Reddit]
  • LG lays off 30% of their mobile division after $49.8 million loss last quarter. [BGR]
  • Droid 2 Global Gingerbread update halted due to Exchange issue. [TalkAndroid]
  • Android survey highlights Android’s growing piracy problem. [InformationWeek]
  • Vodafone sets up R&D facility in Silicone Valley (even though they’re from the UK). [AllThingsD]
  • Wicked UK deal. HTC Sensation for €9.99 at Phones 4U. [TalkAndroid]
  • Sony Ericsson has launched Xperia Studio to showcase the convergence between art, science, and mobile.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G is now available via all major Canadian mobile providers. [MobileSyrup]
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  1. I’m glad Team Touch Droid has disbanded, but not for the reason that I wished them to fail. I just hope this will help eliminate the privatization of developing that seems to be going on lately. People working.independently (albeit small teams) for the same goal in order to chase money. It seems developing was going along quiet nicely before this sudden shift into teams and well I’m sure we will still continue to see advances in developing.

    1. yeah because they stood to make millions releasing a version of Android for the Touchpad? Because Cyanogen makes millions for releasing their version of android for rooted phones? You like Saleen so I can see why you’d be confused about reality.

  2. I’m reading each and every articles of yours and I got to know something new stuffs daily about android. As im learning to develop applications of android I have to know all the news and rumors about this and there is nothing smarter way than phandroid.com. Thanks for being alive.
    Nice explanation.

  3. Why is Canada always so far ahead of the curve compared to the US? I would like to see someone post the definitive story on US Android product lag. Is it the carriers, regulation, liability concern, manufacturers, etc? What is the real story?

    1. Samsung and the Canadian Governement have massive deals worth billions of dollars. Samsung spends a tonne of money here and no doubt recieves special treatment for it.

      I can assure you companies like Moto are still there for you American’s it took 6 months to get the damn skype fix for my atrix, which I returned for the GSG2.

      Also take into account we spend probably close to 1/3 more on our cellphone bills at least and are locked into longer contracts, therefore our cellphone industry has huge amounts to spend, and incentive to spend it to get these devices first. We have the worst cell phone plans in the world in Canada, they have to make up for it somehow, I am not making that up either, pretty sure our cell phone plans are the worst in the world.

      So in answer to what it is that causes it, I would say money. Still you have nothing to complain about it’s really only Samsung that does it regularly. Maybe Sony I’m not sure on that.

  4. Silicone Valley, the mecca of fake tits.

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