Verizon Reportedly Won’t Sell the Samsung Galaxy S II; Are You Disappointed?

If you were waiting on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II with 4G LTE – hell, if you were waiting on a Verizon Galaxy S II at all – we’ve got some  not-so-great news for you. According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon will not be carrying the dual-core phone by Samsung. When Verizon spokeswoman was asked to comment, she didn’t decline to comment and instead stated that they “have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge.”

Wall Street Journal claims that Verizon confirmed this news to them, and have confirmed from a source familiar with the matter that Verizon will be not be on hand at the August 29th event in New York. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are said to be the only carriers present.

It would be a huge 180 from what we’d originally thought that saw the nation’s number four carrier – T-Mobile  – not carrying the device as they would be getting the powerful Samsung Hercules. If the verbiage in WSJ’s report is correct, it appears T-Mobile will indeed be getting their own Galaxy S II-branded device.

With that, it makes us wonder if Verizon has something else under their sleeves from Samsung (if this rumor is indeed true). We’d hate to think that one of the best phones of 2011 (even if it has been out for a while now) won’t be picked up by the nation’s largest carrier. According to recent rumors, that next big phone from Samsung might be the so-called Nexus Prime.

So were you looking to pick the Galaxy S II up on Verizon or does this news not affect you? Let us know below!

[Update]: Other outlets are saying that this news is 100% true, as well. Verizon is said to be getting  “similar” device, but we’re not exactly sure what’s meant by this. (Will it be a Tegra 2 variant of the same phone? One with an added 4.5 inch display instead of the normal 4.3 inches? Or just another dual-core phone from any manufacturer?)

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  • polarbehr76

    I do not want a plastic phone

    • Tati

      platic phones are durable.

      • SparklingCyanide

        not as durable as Aluminum…

        • Kevin Haller

          Aluminum conducts heat which drains your battery faster.

        • riffwaffle

          plastic has better resception,for the most part..its fact.

    • MarcusDW

      Yeah because all plastic phones shatter into uselessness as soon as you drop them… s/

      Use a fucking case.

      • polarbehr76

        Wow, be a giant douche!

        • MarcusDW

          The plastic complaints are old and its not like Samsung is the only or first manufacturer to use plastic casings. Yall act like the phones are brittle or something. Have you even seen how you can bend the GS2’s back in half without damaging it?

          • polarbehr76

            I don’t give a shat since you decided to act like a twat earlier.

        • MarcusDW

          So sensitive.

    • jjrudey

      It doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s very thin and light.

  • SparklingCyanide

    No big deal. Just as T-Mobile is releasing the Hercules which isn’t “exactly” the same as the SGSII, Verizon is taking the same cue.

  • Michael O’Keefe

    IDIOTS!!! Words cannot express my ire.

  • Chris Chavez

    Yeah, I’m sure Google will choose Verizon this time around for the Nexus Prime. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if you’re on Verizon.

    So don’t freak out (yet) guys! :D

    • SparklingCyanide

      now “that’s” what I’m holding out on is Nexus Prime.

      • alecgale

        well i have been waiting for almost 4 months now and i really just need a new phone

        • PRHdroid

          You should have purchased one of the dual core phones out there, the Samsung was not better than any of those phones. Waiting for it was a mistake in my opinion.

    • pahern

      Not sure if you’re implying it here, but in many places people seem to talk like the Nexus Prime will only be going to Verizon. Did I miss something here? The Nexus S 4G went to three carriers, wouldn’t it be likely that the Nexus Prime would go to that many or more?

    • eclipsenyou

      I AM on Verizon and it’s freaking dissapointing! We’ve been looking forward to this particular make/model for months and now they’re not going to sell it! It effin blows dude!

      • Wyatt Beougher

        This is penance for all the SGSII people blowing up the comments for every single Bionic article with “SGSII will be better – I don’t want a Bionic, stop reporting about it”. Not saying you were one of them, but there were numerous people who did it.

    • bob

      GOOGLE won’t EVER chose Verizon for the Nexus program because Verizon wants to fill it up with Bloatware and GOOGLE won’t agree. The Nexus Prime on VZW is not only pure speculation on some random tech writers part it beyond stupid to believe.

      • SavageJeep

        Just like Verizon (and soon Sprint) will never get an iPhone for the same reasons…. #FAIL

      • Wyatt Beougher

        Just like the OG Droid and the Xoom, right? All that bloatware… *shudder*

        • NYCHitman1

          Those are only two devices though. For each one in between, they’ve been ridiculously bloated.

          • Wyatt Beougher

            Just pointing out the flaw in the initial argument’s logic. Those are two valid devices that disprove his point, regardless of what every other phone in their line-up shipped with.

          • NYCHitman1

            The Xoom was supposed to be the flagship tablet which explains why there was little to no bloat, but otherwise the other devices that have been released suggest that VZW has no intentions of de-bloating any phones.

          • Wyatt Beougher

            And so was the OG Droid. And isn’t the point of the Nexus program to build flagship devices? Again, don’t let my logic stand in the way of your anti-Verizon bias.

      • lynyrd65

        AT&T loves bloatware yet now carries the Nexus S.

      • Kevin Haller

        iPhone doesn’t have bloat. What makes you think the Nexus Prime will?

        • ILikeStake

          iPhone is all bloat

      • allday28

        my original DROID didnt have alot of bloatware on it..

    • bob

      Anyways the Vigor is going to CRUSH the GSII and it’s release is only scheduled a few weeks behind Samsungs. Anyone who buys this phone out the gate is gonna be pissed they did a few weeks later.

      • Dash Speeds

        No way in hell; that old A8 pales in comparison to the Exynos and OMAP 4 that the GSII and Bionic use.

    • joejoe509

      I dunno Chris… it’s like lusting after the prettiest girl in school. After much flirting and subtle hints you think she’s into you. And then she crushes your soul by dating the star quarterback and telling you she’ll never be with you. If Verizon chooses not to offer this phone, they better find a LOT prettier girl to be my girlfriend. lol.

      P.S. I’m so glad I’m married and not in high school anymore. haha

  • Aaron Schafer

    Just got the DX2 in June so by the time I’m able to upgrade, the GSII will be old news.

  • dcyamaha

    disappointed!?? are you kidding? i have this LG enV3 and an upgrade available since APRIL!! (when europe got the SGSII). wtf am i gonna do now? the bionic is not an option – ugly and thick as all heck. should i switch to sprint?

    • joejoe509

      I have the enV. Yes. The original enV. Feel my pain and taste my tears.

      • Michael O’Keefe

        Palm Treo 700w running WinCE for phones. The wait has been total agony ending in bitter disappointment. Unlike some other folks, I don’t trust Verizon to do the right thing anymore.

    • ILikeStake

      “should I switch to sprint”


      • molomolo

        switch to tmobile and get any simcard device you want in the first release day without stupid contracts

  • Keith Kaplan

    This is so disappointing. I’m frustrated and very upset! :-(

  • Josh Wagle

    Best news I’ve heard in the past week. Gimme dat Verizon-branded Nexus! <3

    • Jmaxku

      “Verizon-branded Nexus”

      This my friend is what you call an oxymoron.

  • bigdav1178

    What I love is that AT&T is rumored to get two different versions of the phone, but Verizon can’t offer a single one. Is it just me, or has anyone else thought that Verizon has been giving it’s customers some pretty crappy options compared to other carriers since they’ve started selling the iPhone?


    Hell yeah I’m disappointed!! :(

  • Rob Reder

    Switch to Sprint or T-mo. VZW is so in bed with Apple at this point that they don’t care about their Android customers.

    • HalfwayCrook

      I’d go with T-Mobile, Sprint is way too slow. I for one cannot wait for 42mbps , and I’ll without a doubt pick up t-mobile’s gsII unless the nexus prime also supports 42mbps

      • tehsusenoh

        Just hope AT&T doesn’t gobble you up.

        • conceptual

          There have been rumors that if they change bands around that they will give free phones to people. Now if only they don’t screw people over by giving them a crappier phone, that’d be fine…

          • New_Guy777

            Free phone…maybe, if you accept the new, higher priced tiered data plan

    • Dave4321

      Lets hope they get the Nexus Prime.

    • ZeoVGM

      So are you choosing to ignore the talk that there’s a very close variant to this, by Samsung, possibly coming? And you actually think this has more to do with Apple than it does the Bionic being competition? Really?

      Also, people can’t just “switch to Sprint or T-Mo”. There are these things called “contracts”.

      How incredibly dense.

      • ILikeStake

        You act like buying out of a contract is expensive. I have done it a couple of times, it was 80 bucks one time and 100 bucks the other time. No big deal.

        • Michael Lounsbury

          the ETF at Verizon is 350 dollars. Thats more than the phone will cost with contract on Tmo.

      • bcandrews

        How incredibly dense of you to think that people don’t have the brain capacity to know what a “contract” is. Thanks for pointing that out…DUH! You also state “people can’t just switch to Sprint or T-Mo”…REALLY???…stand back and WATCH MY DUST! Let’s see…I pay the outrageously expensive Verizon phone bill each month…I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for months waiting for the Galaxy SII and now Verizon has pulled the plug, so they don’t have any phones that interest me and my contract is up in November…Sprint has the reliable coverage areas I need, the phone I want, and a cheaper monthly calling plan, which will save me money in the long run. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and have done my homework in terms of comparison shopping. If Verizon doesn’t pull their head out by November, then it’s ADIOS Verizon and HOLA Sprint! How about you let people make their own choice rather than speaking for us all?

    • DYNK


      NEXUS P.R.I.M.E

      (Or one hopes..)

    • Wesley Withers

      Sprint is getting the iPhone 5, so that shoots your theory. Besides, what carrier wouldn’t want a piece of the iPhone action? Android has done well for VZW. They likely have something better in the wings and don’t think the Galaxy S II is necessary.

      • PRHdroid

        The Galaxy S 2 is not necessary at all at this point. Like I’ve stated, it is too close to the release of the next gen of phones. Don’t waste your time or money worrying about this phone.

  • Francisco Cordova

    Was expected. Especially with the crap over-hyped Moto Droid Bionic around the corner. Let the flaming begin!

    • Dash Speeds

      The irony in this post is awe-inspiring

      • Wyatt Beougher

        The sad part is Francisco doesn’t even realize the irony.

        • Francisco Cordova

          ……wait for it………wait for iiiit…………..yup..just got it lmao! :P

    • ZeoVGM

      Yeah, that crap over-hyped phone with dual-core and 4G that ALSO has a nice battery life.

      Such crap!

  • MarcusDW

    First thought that came to mind was Nexus Prime. It only makes sense.

  • Jim

    I have to wonder if this is in any way the result of Apple throwing its weight around.

  • jjrudey

    No because I’m switching to Sprint as soon as my contract is up.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Enjoy the slowest network ever. I’d go to At&t before i go to Sprint

      • NYCHitman1

        Slow where you live perhaps. Runs A-OK in NY.

        • Dash Speeds

          Not where I live, practically non-existent up here.

          • NYCHitman1

            That sucks. Why didn’t you go with another provider?

      • jjrudey

        My friend has Sprint and it isn’t that bad. Besides, I want the unlimited plans. The only way I would go to AT&T is if they are the only ones with the Nexus Prime.

  • joejoe509

    Eff me… This had better be a Cartmanland type scheme (for those South Park fans).

    Ugh. I will be pretty pissed if this phone does not come out on Verizon. I DO NOT WANT A NEXUS PRIME!!

    • Bionic

      Why? it would be the same phone withouth touchwiz on it and better specs

      • Croak

        Because it’ll be a less-capable phone without Touchwiz on it, and probably the same specs.

        • Ken Hartman

          Less capable without TouchWiz? Touchwiz was absolute shite on the Fascinate. Is it really that much better on SGSII?

          • Croak

            It wasn’t shit on a real SGS, don’t know what the Binged-out Fascinate was like. And it’s pretty damned good on the SGS2.

    • thatcrazyone

      What is wrong with the nexus prime? the nexus phone have always been awesome phones…

  • Matt Greenburg

    Maybe Verizon will release a giant middle finger for customers to upgrade to…Oh wait thats the droid Charge

    • Chris Anderson


  • grin20

    Verizon is in a bit of a rut lately…no really good phones that don’t require major tweaking. I’ve had the droid, droid x, thunderbolt, and charge. Good things about some stuff…really annoying things about all of them, even after rooting.

  • eclipsenyou

    F it…..I’m getting a Blackberry!

  • Vikinglifeguard

    They gotta be saying to themselves, screw this phone, Prime will blow it out of the water.

    • Croak

      If Prime is a Samsung, it’ll likely just be a bland-ass AOSP version of the SGS2 with ICS.

  • allday28

    Maybe waiting for the LTE version?? If not F!@# YOU VERIZON!!!!!

  • FayezNoor

    why do u forget that Verizon will be the first one to get Google Nexus Prime in about 2 months time. it do not make sense at all to have to high end phones from same manufacturer. they are playing card for nexus prime which is not a bad move.

    • SavageJeep

      Just tell us Verizon or give us a map. At least give us some glimpse of hope.

  • Jakub Palka

    Bionic with LTE. Better option anyway.

  • shane rambo

    Great news I hate Verizon HA HA

  • michaelg1030

    In the back of my head, i knew verizon wasnt getting the SGS2. Besides the iPhone, does Verizon carry any of the same android smartphones that att and sprint carry?

    I just hope the Vigor does hold true to that early Oct launch.

    Verizon wont see Prime either.

  • selonmoi

    It’s cute that people still believe Verizon will want to carry the next Nexus (or any Nexus, for that matter).

  • SavageJeep

    I think this sums up my sentiments:
    MAJOR disappointment that I won’t see a GalaxySII phone in my hand on @VerizonWireless GTFO @SamsungMobileUS #FAIL #TakeMyBusinessElsewhere!/savagejeep/status/106816727538597889

    • SavageJeep

      By the time we figure that there is no VZWPrime and hopes are dashed again, the BIONIC will be a bargain. Some consolation.. o_O

  • zin11

    didnt wsj say month ago verizon will be the first to get sgs2? who cares what the rumors are?

    Things are getting clearer now but still I wouldn’t believe anything until the 29th. Its only 4 days away from official statement. Its not that long till we know for sure.

  • Ken Hartman

    Verizon…I promise…I will never be your friend…no matter what…ever.

    Unless you get the Nexus Prime…maybe.

  • beastmode9

    I’ve been off contract with an OG droid since January. I’ve spent literally months watching websites like this waiting for the Verizon Galaxy S2 news and well… here it is.

    The Bionic isn’t my cup of tea and while my Droid has served me well, I don’t feel I have to be loyal to Android in my next smartphone…especially since there hasn’t been a single Android phone I’ve handled that didn’t stutter somewhere. We’ll see what’s available when the Iphone 5 is announced.

  • Itchy_Robot

    I am more concerned with Verizon offering Nexus (vanilla Android) phones. I currently have an Incredible and my contract ends this coming April. If Verizon does not get a Nexus phone by then, I will more than likely jump over to Sprint.

  • godrilla

    Newegg has the samsung gal sii for $629 free shipping no tax

  • ZeoVGM

    This is fairly disappointing as I was looking to compare the GS2 to the Bionic but with the Bionic still existing, is it really that big of a deal? Not really, as the Bionic looks fantastic.

    However, people need to calm the hell down as reports ALSO say Verizon may get a “not exactly the same thing but close enough” variant. Wait for Samsung to make their big announcements before flipping out.

  • Michael Radcliffe

    What if Samsung didn’t offer the SGII to Verizon and Verizon is saying oh we just passed on it? After Verizon “binged” the first 2 Android phones in their lineup, if I were Samsung I’d say go F yourself. The Charge is the only Samsung Android device Verizon has given a chance to.

  • kstrickland05

    I knew something was wrong when there was absolutely no leaked info for this “Function”. This news definitely makes me want to break something.

  • Eric Silva

    I am so surprised that so many people were looking forward to the GSII on VZW. As much as VZW screwed up the original GS in the Fascinate, I was not going to touch the GSII.

  • RoZm X

    I love the plastic light weight build.. My brother accident left his vibrant on to of his car. We took off @ 55mph. A minute later we heard something rumble in the roof of the car.. *brother reaches out for phone, realizes he left it on top* we go back for the phone and everything is normal. No cracks, a few scratches. I believe the plastic helped absorb the impact. The same reason why your car bumpers are plastic.

  • RoZm X

    Maybe, Verizon is really excited to advertise the new nexus prime phone. And they want it to do good. Or apple said “iphone 5 or galaxy s 2, only one”

  • Big R

    It is not a matter of VZW not having the SGS2. It is the reasoning behind it. Did VZW sell out and have a contract with Moto to only have the substandard Bionic. The only thing I can guess is Moto contracted or Prime is around the corner.

    • Brian

      Substandard? Right bro they got the same specs

  • DYNK



    (Or one hopes..)

  • Alex Lock

    i honestly dont see the appeal of this phone
    if i wanted an iphone i would of bough an iphone

  • Uncle Paul

    My guess is because of their history with the SGS1 on Verizon, they don’t want to repeat it. Completely Verizon’s fault though because they had to make a deal with Microsoft for more money to include Bing integration, which apparently made the phone into a POS. I gave mine up because the thing kept crashing, even after the Froyo update (which Samsung had released a month before Verizon decided to roll it out). None of the other SGS phones on the other carriers had similar problems, so I place the blame squarely on Verizon’s shoulders. Verizon even had an exchange program for people having issues with the Fascinate to trade up for a Droid X2 or LG Revo.

    I’ll stick with T-Mobile for my personal phone (Nexus line baby!). As long as they stay T-Mobile that is and don’t merge with AT&T…

  • Brad W. Cooper

    From different people on different blogs like drid-life and android talk people said that Samsung would not redesign it to fit an LTE chip. They did not want this high end phone on 3g and want to start moving people over to 4g. So they said fine if your not going to redesign it with LTE we will not sell it. Not saying this is true at all, but that is what people are saying.

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    I can think of three reasons why Verizon is not getting the GS2:

    1) The release date will be too close to the Bionic, and they do not want two high-end phones coming out at the same time. On top of that, the little barbie toy from Apple is also coming at around the same time. They cannot and will not saturate the market with three high end phones at any given time.

    2) Verizon cannot have a GS2 with no LTE capabilities. It will make them look bad if they release a high-end phone that cannot take advantage of the 4G speeds they are so proud of.

    3) They are putting their eggs on the Nexus basket. They know the hype and anticipation that comes with the Prime. And if the Prime is indeed made by Samsung, it just makes even more sense for them to pass on the GS2.

    One thing I do hope that comes with a Verizon Nexus is some sort of an advertising campaign. It’s about time Google admits that half of this game they play is advertising and marketing their product effectively (see: Cupertino).

  • su2lly

    Even with unlimited data grandfathered in VZW is making it very hard to stay with. I could switch to AT&T on a family plan, get the GSII and save close to $700 over the course of the contract. I would have to switch on wifi when ever possible to avoid going over 2 Gigs of data but I don’t think VZW has a single phone I want and the Prime sounds like the screen size is a little over kill.

  • Ty David

    Not buying any Samsung phones unless they come out with unlocked boot loader or vanilla Android. I HATE THEIR FREAKING UI!

  • Craig Nelson

    Man seriously thinking about going T-Mobile after this Verizon Debacle

    • HalfwayCrook

      Hercules. ;)

  • http://phandroid silvarod

    Its funny that people will jump to different cell phone company because of phone I’m on Verizon and I will stay they have the fasts 4g

  • PRHdroid

    I am sorry but how can you be disappointed? First the phone isn’t so much better (if any) than a number of phones that you can already purchase (and have been able to purchase for a long time). The fact of the matter is it took too long to get the phone over here to the states and it is no longer impressive enough to blow away the competitors. The other problem with it’s delayed release is that in only a couple of months (or so it’s rumored) the Nexus Prime and similar devices will start to flood the market. At this point it only makes sense to wait for those phones as you will just have purchaser remorse once you see those phones. I actually wouldn’t care if the GS2 is released for any carrier, it serves Samsung and the carriers right for delaying a phone that was released in May all across the rest of the world.

  • Brian Casserly

    For October releases:

    Tmobile gets the SGSII
    Verizon gets the Prime
    Sprint gets the iPhone 5

  • joejoe509

    There’s something fishy going on here… I don’t know the mobile industry well enough to make any solid assumptions. I’m thinking that Verizon will be getting something very similar to the SGSII, but it won’t be called that. Maybe the SGSII Plus? It’ll probably come later than the other carriers too.

  • dbcad7

    HTC Vigor is also going to be a nice phone coming up.