Droid 2 Gingerbread Changelog Published to Verizon’s Support Site, Update Imminent?


Verizon has outed the changelog to the long awaited Gingerbread update for the Motorola Droid 2. A soak test was supposed to begin this week, and very well may be under way, but it appears Verizon is inching closer to unleashing the new software version on the masses. The update will leave MotoBlur at build number 4.5.601 and add a whole slew of enhancements (too many to list here). Highlights include a newly blue Blur interface, customizable app drawer, and battery enhancements.

The update tops the scales at 106MB and should be on track to hit a handset near you soon, pending any major bugs. Head over to Verizon’s support site for the complete list of what’s new.

[Verizon via DroidLife]

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  1. No software update listing for the Droid R2D2 on Verizon’s website, so I wonder if this means the more expensive R2D2 model is going to get screwed out of an update since it was less popular. The phones are physically identical barring some artwork, an app or two and sounds – there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to release an update for the R2D2 as well.

  2. 2011 = Year of the Gingerbread

  3. I have quite a few apps on My D2G. What is the recommended update procedure? Do we expect the update to break apps? Should I do wipe/restore, update, and then reload everything, or are we not expecting problems. I have LP on mine and really like how I have it set up. (I’ve never seen Blur since the first day I got the phone.) I even have a few custom icons that I made for the lower screen dock.

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