Telus Samsung Hercules Gets Pictured Along With Impressive Benchmark Results

The guys over at Mobile Syrup managed to snap this pic of the Samsung Hercules in the wild and running on the Telus network in Canada. This gives us yet another clear picture of what this device’s form factor in what could be seen as a cross between the Infuse 4, Nexus S and Galaxy S II. Also pictured were some not too shabby benchmarks but even more impressive was the unbelievable clarity of the SAMOLED Plus display in this close up shot with no Pentile Matrix in sight. It truly brings a tear to my eye…

While we don’t know too much as far as the processor goes (just look at that Quadrant!), what we do know is this device will sport a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8MP rear camera with 2MP front facing, 1GB of RAM and support for Telus’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network. The leaked T-Mobile roadmap showed this could be hitting us here in the states as early as Oct 26th. What do you guys think of this device so far? Would you rather have the original GS2’s form factor or is the additional .2-inches more your size?

[MobileSyrup via DroidMatters]

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  • samuelmaskell

    I have an SGS2 from bell and it’s already almost too big. an extra 0.2 inches would actually be a down-side for me, especially if the resolution is the same. however, I really do miss having a search key, which this appears to have. other than that, everything seems about the same.

    • Zomby2D

      You know that holding the menu key for a second act as the search key right?

  • SparklingCyanide

    I like the Hercules a lot, I probably won’t buy it(or maybe I will!) Since I have the Sensation and really most likely holding out for the Nexus Prime. As far as form factor I really think the Hercules looks slick but I can also appreciate the original GS2 form factor. The Hercules just happens to be more my style. Can’t go wrong with either tho.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Buy it and send me your sensation.

  • Bon K

    Looks like almost impossible to do one-hand operation.

  • Stephen D

    Based on the benchmarks, it’s an Exynos. Maybe Verizon’s GS2 will have an Exynos. I’ve gone through a number of Droid 3s so far, and my new one is defective yet again. I was told that if it has issues, I get a different phone. I’d try for a Galaxy S2 if it has an Exynos.

    • Jinwon Sung

      Yeah, that kind of performance is clearly Exynos not dual snapdragon. I’m beginning to wonder if all those dual snapdragon talk on verizon, t-mobile version was fake info from Sammy to wow us when they finally unveil it?

      • Stephen D

        I hope so. The new Snapdragon, even at 1.2-1.5ghz, is by the far, the slowest A9 dual core CPU, whereas the Exynos is the fastest. The CPU in the US versions is the deal breaker for me.

        • SparklingCyanide

          Well there’s a reason Snapdragon 1.2 and 1.5 may not be quite as powerful as Exynos is either because they’re based on A8 and not A9. Or it may also be because the only phones they’ve been on have Sense.

    • Aztec713
      Yeah that video kind of proves it that i is exynos :)

    • MrSix

      and this video proves everyone commenting on this post could be dead wrong!!!

      That’s a Tegra 2 getting Exynos-like scores. The new Snapdragon may not usually pull the same kind of benchmarks and performance as the Tegra in this device or Exynos, but clearly Samsung is using some kind of programming wizardry to get these scores(not saying that’s a bad thing). So this very well could still be a Snapdragon I think.

  • feztheforeigner

    I want it bigger, can never have it to big!!! No comments please…I know…

  • Autobot1

    The lack of home button kills it.

    • HalfwayCrook

      More like makes it 20X better. Also, there are no logos on the front of the phone like the international version. This phones owns

  • Steven aNd Diane

    if I had Tmo i would probably get it. Looks amazing and 4.5 is not to big… I would go as big as 5″ depending on the overall size of the phone itself. When ICS comes out it will be all screen no buttons so a 5’inches or more will fit into the casing of this phone no problems…. can’t wait till Sprint gets there’s. Thanks you the Picks…

  • Croak

    Telus is my carrier, and I’m due a HUP this year too. Looking at this, I’m glad I went ahead and bought an SGS2. Like the less-rounded design on the SGS2, and 4.3″ is almost too big to use comfortably (almost). 4.5″ would not work for me, I gave the Infuse a good test-drive just to find that out.

    Based on those benchmarks, I find it hard to believe it’s a Qualcomm SoC on board though, looks to be squarely in the Exynos range of Quadrant scores (my SGS2 scores between 3100-3300 with “stock” 2.3.4).

  • Aztec713

    Chris Chavez can you be my Android Brother? Love all your post!

  • barondebxl

    Why such a late release date tho. October 26? I know the leaked ” document” says so but I’m still skeptical. For some reason I believe it will be released in September instead of late October.

  • noelsito

    my GOD i will get this phone if the iphone 5 doesn’t astound me

  • Steven aNd Diane

    I read this exact same post. word for word on another post. Are you a sales person for this penny bidding website?

    • Zomby2D

      We call it a spammer… and yes it’s been done on every single post here at phandroid

  • phonejunkie

    I would really like to see how the exynos scores with a higher screen resolution phone. I noticed on nenamark that the snapdragons adreno 220 GPU really scored much better than the tegra 2 when both were on phones with a screen resolution of 960×540.

  • tq745


  • Alex Nguyen

    Samsung is losing more and more potential buyers each day because the closer we get to a Nexus Prime announcement, the more people will decide to wait for it. I’m obviously referring to the techies out there who actually know about an imminent Nexus Prime arrival, but still, these are people who can potentially purchase the Hercules instead. Too bad it took them so long…I was REALLY excited about this phone. More thoughts on the Hercules on my blog:

  • Stephen Parker

    Hmmmmm…I don’t know about the size…but that benchmark is indeed fantastic and fast as hell.

  • Jawman

    I’m sick of seeing quadrant scores being compared to nexus one, especially a nexus one running 2.2. Compare it to the nexus S or the GS2, our any other current top of the line phone running the latest version of android. The nexus one is almost 2 years old now. The N1 is a good phone, but don’t compare an unreleased phone to a phone almost 2 years old that’s not even running the latest os build.