Samsung Hercules and HTC Ruby Launch Dates Revealed

The Samsung Hercules and HTC Ruby could be some of the most anticipated handsets to release this year and we may finally have the launch date for these devices. According to this leaked internal document TMoNews was able to get their hands on, The Hercules and Ruby will both see a simultaneous launch on October 26th. This may be a little longer than some of you were hoping on waiting before you got your hands on T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II variant or HTC’s comparable model in the Ruby. But hey, at least now you have a date to mark on your calendars.

[Via TMoNews]

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  • Rob Meyer

    +1 for Tmobile for letting their customers know when to expect an anticipated device… Damn you VZW!!!

  • Nick Kane

    Guess im gonna buy the European version. I’ll pay the price premium. Im not waiting till effing october. Eff Apple

    • DRH RMU

      Don’t be a bonehead. If you get the European version, you don’t get 4G speeds.

      • Phillip Schroder

        Yup ^

      • ClayRogers

        I’m not buying one but no 4g wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. I’m on wifi 99% of the time and the times I’m not even GPRS would be sufficient so 3G is more then enough for many of us. I’m on my 2nd 4G phone now and I believe I turned on 4g one time total to do a speediest lol.

  • JamesS

    Hercules and Ruby the most anticipated?!? Er, I’m waiting to see what the next Nexus phone is!

    • HalfwayCrook

      The Herc is HIGHLY anticipated (SGSII) and the Ruby has some epic specs, so yes

  • nemesys06

    I want some official news on the samsung hercules. Last i read it was supposed to come with the snapdragon processor and adreno 220 gpu… which is garbage. if that is the case it’s not much different than the htc sensation hardware wise. if this is tmobile’s galaxy s2 variant, then it should come with the exynos processor. otherwise, the snapdragon kills all the hype.

  • Cyanick

    Only 6 months after the GSII’s release. Good job, T-mobile and Samsung!

  • HalfwayCrook

    W00000t! I’ll be def. be picking up the Herc, UNLESS the ruby has an HD screen and 42 mbps… Then it will be hard deciding between the two :/

  • RandomRant

    I might have bought this had it come out late August or so, but the end of October is too close to the Nexus Prime for me to bite.

  • Phillip Schroder

    I’ll rock my G2X until the next jump after these devices. Really looking forward to HD displays and quad core cpu’s.

  • RoZm X

    Exynos please. I, wish the resolution on the hercules was hd as well. Would definitely buy it, if not then I have to make a tough choice.. I love t-mobile’s android line up

  • Alex Cantstopwontstop Kleven

    everyone is so prude about their android phones these days, BOTH of these phones will be monsters, and while i prefer HTC’s security-off policy, you cant knock the design of the SGSII

  • AnGeLFaCe77

    t mobile sux but congrats to them lol

  • REVS

    damn you t mobile stop coming out with newer more powerful phones !
    my sensation will be obsolete in a month !
    id like to know how these will be “the fastest smartphones on the market?”
    will they really be gettin 42mbps?

  • anton

    Every time I’m about to buy the best smart phone in the market, something better comes out,and I mean much better,so what’s phone am I going to get the most out of, for the longest Amount of. TIME!!!! ,most of all a phones that can change with me so it’s all compatibile with the future.

  • endone

    Its still 2 months away :S. Might as well wait for the Prime. Also, can’t blame Samsung… I’m sure they would have preferred to release the same phone worldwide, its the carrier that had them change things around!