Aug 17th, 2011

Okay, so this is probably the 5th time I’ve heard of this issue in our Phantips alone and I felt it was time to give it some attention. Apparently, some HTC Evo 3D users are reporting a mysterious black-screen-of-death issue where their screen will go black, become unresponsive and the capacitive buttons will remain lit. Battery pulls, shaking and cursing at the device don’t seem to help and the causes are from normal average use. All users report completely stock devices with no attempts at rooting or any hacking being done whatsoever.

Aside from our Phantips, I’ve come face to face with this this issue and was surprised to hear from a few of my personal friends that they too have experienced the same problem with their device. You may not have much to worry about if you’re paying for insurance or you’re still under your 30 day return window but I wanted to warn those of you who aren’t. Hopefully, this is one of the issues HTC will be addressing in their upcoming software update for the device. Have any of our readers experienced the black-screen-of-death on their Evo 3D?

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