comScore: Android Now Holds 40 percent of the US Smartphone Market

According to comScore, of the 78.5 million people who own smartphones in the United States, 40.1 percent have gone with Android as the platform of choice. The report comes just days after Canalys delivered the results of their own quarterly analytics, concluding that Android now holds nearly 50 percent of the global smartphone market. Android grew over 5 percent from March’s figure of 34.7 percent. Apple, in second place, also showed growth with a 26.6 percent total share, a 1.1 percent gain. All other platforms showed losses from comScore’s previous report.

Android handset manufacturers hold the top three spots for mobile handset makers, with Samsung leading the pack. LG and Motorola trail not far behind, with Apple and RIM bringing up the rear.

[via comScore]

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  • jroc74

    Not trying to be rude….yea I know when folks say that it usually comes off rude…

    But post when Android is losing market share. Them gaining has been old news to me for the past year.

    The others after Android and Apple showing losses isnt surprising either….expect for WP7…

    • Cris Tate

      How rude.

      • jroc74

        lol!! Hey…what can I say…

    • Scott Tompkins

      Well, in all fairness, I certainly appreciate fact based reporting above all the anecdotal, subjective and non-scientific polling “news” that has been popping up all over the place lately; enabling ignorant and uninformed reporters to drop their 2 cents, yet again, on how this year’s flavor of iCrap is going to dominate Android.

      • jroc74

        Yeah…thats true..

        Hey…bottom line….if its old news to me…why did I bother reading it or even posting, right? lol

  • Josue Aristy

    Excellent, Android really needs it to defend the manufacturers using their OS!! (I think so)

  • Brian S.

    Looks fishy

  • Guest

    canalys talks about quarterly sales. comscore talks about installed base