Aug 4th, 2011

For those traveling solo far off the beaten path, the ability to relay emergency messages should trouble strike could mean the difference between life or death. Enter DeLorme, whose inReach satellite communicator offers one of the first compact, lightweight, and affordable communication solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. The inReach communicator can link with any Android smartphone to send standard text messages via satellite, enabling quick contact to the outside world in the absence of a cellular network.

A broken leg miles from civilization could spell certain doom, but thanks to inReach if such a tragedy were to befall an adventurer information on the severity of the injury and location. More importantly, the ability for two-way communication means the injured person won’t suffer alone, an important mental factor that could give them the drive to survive. Even without an Android-enabled smartphone, the device can still send an SOS signal and act as a beacon for tracking down lost individuals.

The DeLorme inReach satellite communicator will be available October 1st for $249.99.

[via REI | Thanks, Alan!]