Aug 4th, 2011

After AT&T confirmed it would begin throttling bandwidth for heavy data users on unlimited plans, the company continues to tighten policies for those grandfathered past tiered plans. Users of smartphones with unlimited data plans caught tethering their devices or using them as mobile hotspots through unofficial means will be moved over to AT&T’s $45, 2GB/month plan with an additional 2GB allocation for tethering. The punishment brings about significantly less data at a price $15 higher than the $30 being paid for the older all-you-can-eat data subscriptions. AT&T began warning customers of this possibility earlier in the year, but it seems they are now ready to start bringing the hammer down. For some it could happen as soon as August 11th. So cease tethering or cease your rights to unlimited data. The choice is in your hands.

[via BGR]

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