Verizon to Offer a Silver DROID Incredible 2

If you’re one of those folks who prefer white devices over the far-too-common black, Verizon has something coming for you soon. It’s the DROID Incredible 2, a follow-up to the original that had so many people going crazy. Evidence has surfaced that Verizon’s preparing a white version, so if for some reason you were waiting on this specific color configuration to land, you should be jumping for joy. Or counting your pennies. No indication on when this one will be out yet. [PocketNow]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    OMG… White!!! White!!!

    I don’t know if I can handle all of the Droid Goodness…

  • Dario Sucic

    Hmmmm, sounds legit.

  • usnmustanger

    I’m a bit confused–the article title mentions a “Silver DROID Incredible 2″, bu the article is actually about a white one? White != Silver
    I’d certainly go for a sexy silver (brushed aluminum anyone?) one, but all the white phones I’ve seen (iPhones included) just look/feel too…plasticky.

    • Del373

      That…and they’re dirt magnets. After my DSL never again will I buy a white electronic device.

  • Wesley Green

    While the phone still looks great, wasn’t the whole point of the Droid Inc 2 design ascetic to be “blacked out”?