Google Maps Mistake Brings Hordes of Vacationers to New Jersey Woman’s Home

When we make a mistake here on Phandroid, it can often times be funny (poultry anyone?). But when Google makes a mistake, it could potentially ruin someone’s life. Okay, maybe “ruin” is too strong of a word but it’s definitely one huge headache for this woman in New Jersey.

Laurie Gneiding lives right on the border of Round Valley Reservoir and recently her life has been made a living hell thanks in part to Google Maps wrongly listing her home as the entrance to the reservoir, a popular vacation spot for vacationers looking to escape the summer heat. This has caused her to put up a huge 8-foot-long orange traffic barricade in her driveway with signs that read, “Private Driveway/Private Residence,” “No Park Access.” and “Google Maps is WRONG!” But still, the visitors come. Passing right by the sign and ringing on her doorbell.

Gneiding who says her biggest fear is coming home to strangers in her backyard pool has already gotten in touch with Google who says they’re working on fixing the wrong listing on Google Maps. But after six weeks and the busy 4th of July weekend, she’s understandably at her wits end.

What would you guys do in this situation? I’m thinking a moat and drawbridge would be the perfect approach (I’ve always wanted one) then I would send Google the bill. They have the money for it, right?

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  • Micah Madru

    I’d set up a toll.

    • DannyB2

      I’d set up a troll.

      That could work with the drawbridge idea.

    • YankeeDudeL

      There’s plenty paTROLLing Pandroid that could use a lil time away from their computers.

  • Chris Penner

    Build a toll booth for sure.

  • JamesS

    Wow! There’s a name I haven’t seen in a while. I lived in a township very near there. o.O They definitely needed a little shaking up in that sleepy little area.

  • I'm the One

    God bless America !

  • Gareth Munoz Cook

    Hello – Make money off the situation!

  • Sean Daniel

    Ehhh I’d probably start answering the door with a gun, just for kicks and giggles. I mean really, the potential shenanigans are endless.

    • Sam Keaser

      Perhaps one of those clever sidewalk drawings that looks like a hole. Filled with previous tourists of course.

  • Daniel Allen

    IMO, Jersey people are pertinacious and rude /flame

    I was born there and I’m glad I wasn’t raised there.

  • hotdamnshewet

    Pull out the remington r700.

  • Justin Berry

    Have apple sue google maps.

    • jree033


  • James Pinakis

    A big wall with a tunnel painted on it, just like those Road Runner cartoons

  • Ron Amadeo

    “What would you guys do in this situation?”

    I would go on Google Maps and correct it. Right click, “report a problem”.

    • xmichaelx

      I would read the f*cking article: “…has already gotten in touch with Google who says they’re working on fixing the wrong listing on Google Maps.”

      It takes Google months to fix Maps errors.

  • Philip Mastroianni

    First thing I saw in the photo was a sign saying “Park Access” … maybe she should make sure the NO looks like its supposed to go with the other piece of paper.

  • William Dicks

    Don’t forget the crocodiles in the moat! They also need to be fed, you know!

  • Michael Quinlan

    Isn’t one of the benefits of online maps that maps can be instantly updated, with no distribution required? WTF is taking so long?

    • mikedg

      Doesn’t mean you don’t need to figure out the cause, verify and test changes.

  • Alm0s

    A forever alone guy would love this. Just think of all the people you could meet this way.

  • JasonG

    Make me a lot of money with my new business catering to tourist. Dining, shuttle, and t-shirts. :-


  • dan4patriots

    she puts up the sign telling them there is no park access there and the retards still go to door

  • Jon

    Buy a shotgun and start shooting it into the air if people ring the doorbell. Seriously if people trespass on your property when you have a gigantic sign that says private no access then you have every right to do that.

  • Brent Foy

    /sigh. I would definitely set up a toll booth, $3 each way or something, and I would have no qualms about it due to such idiots.

    Go ahead, pop over to google maps, go to the lake, and right click somewhere around town and get directions from. It goes past the several very obvious large access roads with huge parking lots, takes you to the far side of the lake, then has you go to the middle of a small forest.

    Anyone dumb enough to follow those directions, deserves a stupidity tax.

  • Brent Foy

    Also, if you bother to actually look it up…take a second to fill out the error report. If Google gets enough reports, they will eventually fix it.

    • Ray Fingers

      They fixed the house numbers on my street going in the wrong direction, putting my house on the wrong end of the road. Took them about 5 months though, which was fine by me. Might not be prompt enough for this lady though.

  • nemesys06

    I have had a few issues with google maps taking me yup the wrong place. I no longer use that,i stick with telenav. If I was the home owner I would put up an electric fence, spike strips, and buy a few full size dogs and charge google the bills. If people still knocked on the door, greet them with a 12 gauge staring right at them. Learn to read.

    • Steve

      They will all take you to the wrong place from time to time, that’s how random people die in death valley by following their TomTom into the middle of nowhere.

  • Shrinidhi

    Collect a huge entry fee and later ask them to leave by pointing out Google’s mistake…

  • aiden9

    I’d put up a sign that says “Private property” or “No trespassing” then a bigger sign below it with “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. No seriously f*** off!” maybe put a little blood splatter on it and a bullet hole.

    That would be clearer than 2 signs, one saying “PARK ACCESS” and another saying “NO”(which looks like it could of just been some punk kid playing a prank adding the no).

    As for getting google to change it, it is the same as most things now a days. You call and ask for a manager/supervisor, complain to them but don’t get off the phone until it has been fixed(if possible, if not try to get a direct number to them), if that doesn’t work then you continue working your way up the chain of command until it is fixed.

    • B2L

      Seriously, even an idiot would know not to enter a place that says “trespassers will be shot.”

  • ewlung

    I will make a business out of it for sure.

    Entrance fee, $100 per person …

  • Sanjeev Mohindra

    Traffic is there, just need to setup a business….Open a resort…

  • Jason Sumner

    I would redo the driveway so it looped back out to the main road and planted bushes to hide the normal path.

  • Elemetrix

    I like the toll booth idea..

  • Paul Egan

    For the record, she has no swimming pool.

  • BP

    I’d fix it on Google Map Maker. Just sayin.

  • Mitchell Buchler

    Spike strip :D

  • Big R

    Toll booth is the best thing in the world. It is her property and she can charge a toll to go on her driveway. Spike strips as well for those that do not pay. Profit from it and then sue Google for any and all damages caused by the dumb NJers.

  • Christopher Jackson

    Screw the toll booth, sell the advertising space to companies

  • Luis Alvarez

    I wonder how this lady feels having her name and means of finding her home floating around the internet now. hmm

  • David Gray

    I think that HO should just dress just in an Android costume and stand out by the road dancing and singing songs. That would solve the problem….

  • JH

    I would put up a sign on front door that says, if one more person knocks on my door asking about park directions, im gonna shoot the shit out of you!! Then go out on her sidewalk or front porch an draw dead body outline in chalk for them to see on their way to the front door! LOL Then booby trap the yard!

  • E. Tasche

    “You clearly don’t read signs, this is a private residence and you are trespassing. You have 45 seconds before I shoot you dead. Run.”

  • iljm83


  • Steve

    “Gneiding who says her biggest fear is coming home to strangers in her backyard pool has already gotten in touch”

    Say that sentence out loud… Commas. They exist for a reason.