Droid Incredible 2 Users Receiving Gingerbread Update Now


That’s right. We reported on Friday that Droid Incredible 2 users would be getting their taste of Gingerbread sometime this week and according to our Phantips, some lucky users are able to pull their OTA update.

To check if Gingerbread is ready for your Incredible 2, simply jump into your phone’s Settings and go to System Updates then Check New. You should then be prompted to download 116MB Gingerbread update and install. As always, make sure your battery has a full charge before attempted the update and if you want to be really safe, backup your apps and sync before updating.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update!

Thanks, Jon!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. At first I was like :D

    But then I saw “2” and I was like D:

  2. I just got it. Gb here I come!

  3. Great Job HTC. LG wth? I hope you are taking notes.

  4. Downloading now.

  5. GOT IT!!!
    nevermind, it says download failed! :(

    1. keep trying it, it failed a few times for me too.

  6. Ditto, already really like this world phone, and now with GB!

  7. Way to go HTC the true leader in everything from updates to top of the line industry leading devices. If your rocking the Incredible 2 on Verizon you simply have the best device on that network LTE OR NO LTE…

    1. Shut up Richard. You seriously thought you could hide behind your gay new screenname? I’ve never seen anyone so threatened by a phone. Thunderbolts scare the hell out of you, don’t they? You go from thunderdud to saying it was an awesome phone in thhe comments on Chris Chavez’s review, then started with your retarded insults when the evo3d was released. I know, you’re sad because verizon got it and sprint didn’t. Have fun with your “dual core monster” which would get its locked down ass kicked by a rooted thunderbolt running android 2.3.4 sense 3.0 [email protected] and 20-25 hour battery life. Just shut up already, you’re going to start shedding stupid on other people.

  8. installing now! Wahoo!

  9. Is anyone having issues with this update looping?

  10. This may be off topic, but wanted to add my 2 cents……. Why the hell doesnt Verizon release the GB update for the original Galaxy Tab. Sprint just released it last week, so what is the reason behind leaving us lonely original tab owners behind?

  11. Still waiting on the thunderbolt’s update for this.. I hate the slow updates the thunderbolt is getting. Not to mention the terrible new update that now forces My Verizon Account to be open, which opens Navigator and App Manager. 3 new programs that you can’t close and uses up my memory? Woot.. great. :/

  12. Downloading now. Phandroid members get update info first!

  13. Anyone on here know if the original Droid Incredible is getting the Gingerbread update?

  14. i got it and i like it so far expect for the reason it wont let me place facebook contacts in groups …but it so much stable and faster

  15. Does anyone have the OTA download link. I would love to have it as I am in Colombia south america and Verizon just told me I will have to wait for HTC to publish the link.

  16. Does anyone have to OTA link that can post it? I am in Colombia South America with a Verizon based INC2 that I would like to update but Verizon says i need to wait for HTC to publish the ota link on their website

  17. Can anyone post the OTA Download link? I am currently in COlombia South America and verizon says that I need to wait 3wks for HTC to publish the link on their website.

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