Jul 12th, 2011

When we make a mistake here on Phandroid, it can often times be funny (poultry anyone?). But when Google makes a mistake, it could potentially ruin someone’s life. Okay, maybe “ruin” is too strong of a word but it’s definitely one huge headache for this woman in New Jersey.

Laurie Gneiding lives right on the border of Round Valley Reservoir and recently her life has been made a living hell thanks in part to Google Maps wrongly listing her home as the entrance to the reservoir, a popular vacation spot for vacationers looking to escape the summer heat. This has caused her to put up a huge 8-foot-long orange traffic barricade in her driveway with signs that read, “Private Driveway/Private Residence,” “No Park Access.” and “Google Maps is WRONG!” But still, the visitors come. Passing right by the sign and ringing on her doorbell.

Gneiding who says her biggest fear is coming home to strangers in her backyard pool has already gotten in touch with Google who says they’re working on fixing the wrong listing on Google Maps. But after six weeks and the busy 4th of July weekend, she’s understandably at her wits end.

What would you guys do in this situation? I’m thinking a moat and drawbridge would be the perfect approach (I’ve always wanted one) then I would send Google the bill. They have the money for it, right?

[Via NJ]