Jul 12th, 2011

So, it looks like the Android Market was infected with some new malware apps over the weekend and if I said I was surprised, I’d be lying. This seems to be a regular occurrence and as bad as it sounds, I’m already getting used to it.

Lookout Mobile Security (who is not “funding” this post, by the way) found some new apps on the Android Market by the developer Mobnet that were infected with a new variant of the DroidDream Lite malware. This time these weren’t the obvious “XXX Nude Japanese Squid Girls” but were more legitimate looking apps. The apps in question were Quick FallDown, Scientific Calculator, Bubble Buster and Best Compass & Leveler (a legitimate app of the same name exists). The part I found most alarming was the fact that some of these infected apps were downloaded 1,000- 5,000 times before Google could pull them from the Market.

The developer “Mobnet” is also said to be the same developer responsible for the first string of apps oringally infected by the DroidDream virus and were pulled back in March. Why this guy is still releasing infected apps is anyone’s guess. Just be careful out there. I don’t think many our readers will get duped into downloading malicious apps like these but some of our more “noob” friends and family might now be as aware. Just be sure to let them know to look for apps with the same name and icon as another and to always read the ratings before downloading.

[Via TheLookoutBlog]