HTC Evo 3D Suffering From Overheating Problems?


Personally, I’ve never been one for forum sites, but after browsing around our wonderful Android Forums today, I came across this post from spy2jgc and it may have saved my life.

Alarmed at the amount of heat his Evo 3D was giving off after connecting to his phone to the included USB cable and stock charger, spy2jgc did some digging around and found out that his unit was being charged at dangerously higher than recommended voltage levels. This was not only killing battery cells but making the phone a potential fire hazard in the process. He quickly got in touch with Sprint and apparently this is a known problem with the device and they promptly offered a replacement. After another day with his replacement, he noticed the same issues with the new device.

I’ve been experiencing a similar problem with my Evo 3D. My device stays cool while charging but once I’m out and about, it will begin cooking in my skinny jeans. Yesterday, after noticing the heat, I killed off ALL background apps thinking it was an app gone rogue and made a point to not wake my phone again (since I was going to be away from a charger for some time). The phone continued to stay hot and after around 3 hours, the battery had fully depleted from a completely full charge. Keep in mind, I had 3 to 4 bars of reception the entire time, killed off any and all apps in the background and hadn’t used the device even once during that time frame. The funny thing is, I was with my friend who also owns an Evo 3D and watched him as he made phone calls, tweeted, etc. and his phone lasted the entire day.

I guess the only question remaining is if the heat is a hardware defect or a software issue. If it’s the hardware, do all Evo 3D’s suffer from this? If it’s the software, has HTC acknowledged the issue and are they working on an update? I mean, I’ve never been one to mind a little heat in my pocket but if it means my phone is defective or could potentially explode when not in use — well, then we have a problem.

Just like I said in a previous post, while a vocal minority are complaining to HTC about unlocking bootloaders, I think it’s a little more important that HTC ties loose ends, plugs up leaky holes and addresses issues like this that could potentially be affecting the majority of Evo 3D users.

How about you guys? Anyone else noticing excessive heat issues with their Evo 3D or are mine and spy2jgc just isolated cases?

Thanks, EarlyMon!

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  1. Just had my first experience with this yesterday. Been having great battery life (average 15 hrs with REAL usage) but yesterday, out of nowhere, the phone got really warm and I lost 30 % battery in about 15 minutes of sleep time. Did a hard reset and it seemed to fix the problem and it hasn’t returned (it’s about 24hrs later). I’ll be interested to hear others experiences/fixes.

    1. Factory reset, huh? Think I may have to give that a try tonight. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Ouch, that’s a painful photochop you got there guys! Next time you need a manipulation done, hit me up. ;)

    1. HAHA! You got it! ;D

    2. Yea its just as serious for the 6 or so people who are experiancing it. Totally different when you had thousands of iphoners with the antenna issue. BTW, even after they offered proof, apple still said it was user error. lol

  3. and people blasted Apple for “Antenagate” but no biggie when its HTC and an Android phone at that right?

    this is just as serious if not more so

    1. theres a huge difference between a phone having no service whatsoever when being held (not to mention the months of denial by apple) and a phone charger charging a phone at higher levels than it should. not to mention that this is an easy fix and its on a portion of devices, not every single one made.

  4. Mine gets a little warm while playing 3D games but so does my Droid X and as i recall, my Droid incredible did too. I haven’t noticed any odd behavior thus far.

  5. Having this problem with Htc Sensation :( I’ve replaced phone 3 x already; not cool.

    1. get it NOT COOL. cause the phones over heating.

      1. Wow, Sensation too? Come on HTC, you guys have the largest android following but you’re gonna lose us to Samsung if your phones start having all these problems. I LOVE YOU HTC….DON’T BREAK MY HEART!

        1. They’ve already lost me thanks to Sense and paying Microsoft $5 per Android phone they sell. My EVO 4G doesn’t run hot, but I feel for you EVO 3D guys who have this issue.

          1. My Thunderbolt will sometimesstart to get hot as well. It will also kill the battery. Its not chronic, just occasional.

        2. some were reporting the thunderbolt doing the same thing also.

  6. Good grief, here we go…. So far we have less than half a dozen people versus thousands who were told “you’re holding it wrong”. Put away your torch and pitchfork.

  7. Havent happened to me

  8. Have not experienced this. However, I would kill for that EVO 3D skin!!

  9. I hope you’re not serious. A charger putting out too high of voltage is different than a phone running hot in your pocket.

  10. Had the over heating problem it was HOT, not warm but HOT it just died one night also found out later it fried the front LED i brought it back into best buy they doubted it… tried it and then confirmed it was toast (although it would boot up with a diff battery but after 3 min it was a toaster) so they swapped it out and my new one under a load is cool comparably so I think its just random units I still love my Evo 3D

    1. Oh sweet. If that’s the case I’ll take mines in tomorrow to get replaced. Good lookin’ out.

    2. I also noticed that there are times it would not charge, and it would just get hot and the battery just dies real quickly.

  11. I’ve noticed my pocket getting really hot with my 3d in it sometimes.. not all the time, but it has happened at least 3 times thus far. I’ve removed it from my pocket to see if somehow the screen had unlocked in my pocket but that was not the case.

    1. My Evo didn’t unlock like yours, but it did get hot a couple of times. I have it inside a Defender case, so most of the time it’s just hanging outside my pants. I wonder if this is a software issue…it hasn’t done this when it only had about less than 20 apps.

  12. Have not seen any issues in the week that I have had my EVO 3D. Sure it gets warm when I’m using it and holding it, but have never seen it overheat or lose battery at a high rate (except when using 3D, but that’s a different story).

  13. I haven’t had any problems with the overheating.

  14. Luckily, I’m part of the minority that doesn’t have this problem :)

  15. “or could potentially explode when not in use ” Good to know its OK if it explodes while you are using it :-) . I think its very important that anyone who has this problem bring the phone back. It will allow HTC to identify the problem and it will also serve as notice to sprint that there are issues with the phone. Good luck

  16. Not hot but very warm and drained my battery the other day when I was waiting in line under a metal covered area. Had no signal and phone was draining at a higher rate and got very warm. Turned data toggle off until I was in the clear. Same thing would happen with my Evo 4g from time to time.

  17. Add me as one that has noticed this on my HTC Sensation occasionally as well. I thought it was just me…. now I will watch it more closely to see if I need to exchange it.

  18. If people are experiencing this ordeal I hope they fix this problem for those people. Myself I have never felt any heat using this device and I’ve watched back to back 2hr movies from netflix and it ran like butter. My Evo 3D has been perfect since that htc watch update on day one. HTC rocks in my book

  19. Ok guys, I have an experiment I’d like you all to participate in please. There’s a FREE app/widget called BatteryLife. Not only is it a good looking battery meter but more importantly it shows the CURRENT TEMP of your battery. Normal sleep temp on my Nexus S is 77.0F and I’ve seen it go as high as 90.0F. ***IF YOU ARE 1 OF THE PEEPS HAVING OVERHEATING ISSUES PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS WIDGET AND POST YOUR HIGH TEMPS!!!*** Let’s see whose phone is the HOTTEST!!! Winner gets FREE ACCESS to Phandroid for LIFE.

    1. Do you know how this app works? Is battery temperature something that your phone measures? If not, I have no idea how an app could calculate a battery temperature.

      1. I believe there’s a sensor for this. Many apps show battery temperature.

      2. Yup, andriod OS does monitor battery temp in case of over heating it can shut down to avoid system failure.

  20. If you don’t mind testicular cancer by putting your phone in your pocket while it’s that hot, than I’d say don’t worry about it. :|

  21. I had the over heating issue as well as charging problems. Like mentioned above I thought maybe the phone unlocked and the weather widget was resetting its self repeatedly. So I have been careful to make sure the screen is off when I put the phone away.
    The screen seems to wake up even when it is locked and dark.
    Once the battery is dead it will not charge in anything but a wall out let and will not turn on even when plugged into the wall until it is good and ready.
    I think the extended life batteries should be standard and the thin batteries made available for those that want them. hahaha but seriously this needs to be addressed across all these super phones imho.

  22. Mine doesn’t have this issue. :

  23. mine charges without getting hot at all. with normal use i still have near 40% charge after 12 to 14 hours. the only times i have noticed it hot in my pocket is when i forget to put it into standby. i am running juice defender ultimate which more then doubled my battery life. overall this device for me has been flawless.

  24. It’s simple, HTC is against guys wearing Skinny Jeans. It really is just wrong, like kicking puppies. I support HTC cooking skinny jeans wearing punks.

    1. Don’t be a bitter nerd. Let people be whoever the fuck they want to be. Haters gon’ hate.

      1. Are you speaking English? What is gon? Is that like a gong? I’m confused…

  25. My EVO 3D only got really warm on the initial charge. After that, it’s been pretty “normal.” The only other time I can think of it maybe getting warmer was watching the Green Hornet Movie in 3D off the charger. That’s it.

  26. “How about you guys? Anyone else noticing excessive heat issues with their Evo 3D?”

    No. I’m good. But I do run Juice Defender to so…

  27. Saw a similar article this morning on goodandevo.net about people’s 3D’s overheating, glad I stuck with my original Evo, I dont care too much about 3D and the lack of a kick stand is almost a deal breaker for me considering my phone sits on the kickstand all day while I’m work so I can watch movies/tv shows etc.

    1. That article was a re-print of this one. ;-)

      There are kickstand cases available – I’ve had the Evo since launch and the 3D is a real upgrade, whether you use the 3d part of it or not.

      1. It’s tempting…

  28. I’ve had the same problem 3 or 4 times over the last 18 months with my OG Droid. Never been able to figure out the cause.

  29. You’re not holding it right. Hold it right and it won’t overheat. :-)

  30. I asked about this amongst other Evo 3D owners on Sprint’s FB wall & they made it seem like I was crazy! I am glad to see I am not the only one. Odd thing though, now since it has been hetting hot it no longer charges to 100% even when turned off and left to charge overnight. Thoughts anyone?

  31. Hi, this is my second evo 3d after having to change it since the first one I received was defective. Not only did it overheat but the battery depleted quickly. Then, after a few days, lines appeared across the screen. However, this new one isn’t perfect either because it was overheating as well. It would also freeze and shut off and turn on on its own mostly when the phone got too hot ( Maybe the heat was the reason for it shutting off). So you could imagine how disappointed and frustrated I was thinking that I would have to exchange it or return it for good. I went back to the sprint store with intention to exchange it, but they did a hard reset and the phone started performing how it should with the exception that it still heats up.

  32. I have a HTC EVO 3D an the problem may be that you have the 4G or the WiFi on, I noticed that when one of this is on the phone gets hot. Also I think that this phones has a more powerful processor and ram that may require more energy and produce more heat. A good invention may be to create a micro fan or some kind of radiator were the heat can escape and keep the phone cool.

  33. Yes..mine gets hot often.
    I have poor coverage at home, and that seems to kick it off, but even in area where I have good coverage it will sometimes get very warm…and drains battery like crazy.
    I kill all background apps etc…doesn’t really seem to help.

  34. seems to me,a hot phone with skinny jeans would or possibly give wearer 3rd degree burns,how did you get phone in pocket in skinny jeans?could you bend over? I guess I am more fasinated by the skinny jeans as the thread it self.

  35. My EVO 3D was heating up as well and decided to not turn on today, nothing tech service could do they are sending out new phone only 8days old.

  36. I have only owned my 3D for a little over a month and have serious heat issues where it shuts itself down and software issues. 2 times back to the Sprint store which is never a good experience now I have to go back again and insist they replace it after reading all these posts. Thank You!

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