Jul 5th, 2011

A Pokemon game is making its way to Android! No, not by the way of emulators or that 3rd party Pokemon tower defense game. I’m talking about a real, legit Pokemon game from the actual developers of the hit Nintendo games.

The Pokemon Company has announced on their website that they will be releasing Pokemon Say Tap? this summer in Japan for free on Android and iOS devices. Although my Japanese is a little rusty, gameplay looks to be centered around music from the Pokemon Black and White TV series and will rely on carefully timed button presses to to Pokemon cards, most likely synched to the music.

While this news is sure to please Japanese Pokemon lovers, there have been no plans as of yet to localize this this app/game for Android users here in the states. What I find most puzzling is how Android and iOS have grown to be direct competitors with Nintendo and their handhelds, yet Nintendo is allowing one of their biggest franchises to makes its way over to Android/iOS. Interesting.

[Via Pokemon.Co]