AT&T, Verizon and Amazon Also In Talks To Buy Hulu


All Things D is reporting that after meeting up with both Microsoft and Yahoo last week, Hulu is now in talks with AT&T, Verizon and Amazon for a possible buyout of their company. All these companies are in a “short list” that is said to include our beloved Google who was even in preliminary talks to buy the TV streaming service. Hulu is also said to be bringing up the idea to Facebook, Netflix and Samsung in the coming weeks.

Every company has their own incentives for buying up Hulu. Streaming media is pretty much at the top of everyone’s list and I’m sure AT&T and Verizon could benefit from the buyout by expanding their existing streaming TV services on their networks. As far as Amazon, Hulu may give Amazon the edge they need over Netflix and iTunes and help with upcoming tablet sales. As it stands, there hasn’t been one company mentioned as a front runner in these talks but Amazon might have the edge seeing how Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar, was once an Amazon executive.

[Via All Things D]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Google or Amazon would be best for consumer.

    1. I totally agree. AT&T and Verizon would most assuredly screw over a great many people if they got their grubby hands on Hulu.

      1. i think it’s in at&t’s and verizon’s best interest to buy see the logic here? make it only available for their own mobile services, people watch hulu without paying hulu plus subscription prices on their mobile phones, then you’ll hit your 2gb limit within the week and your screwed….but they dont care..because it means more profits!!

  2. I think it would be a huge mistake to sell to Verizon or AT&T as they would probably limit content to their own mobile-only services. Of course, I’m partial to Google and I think they would do an awesome job, but it probably would be a really good fit for Amazon.

  3. Oh god, please let it be Google D:

    1. While the thought of Hulu integrated to Hangouts is very exciting to me, I’m not sure what else this purchase adds to Google’s brand. It doesn’t seem like a big deal who ends up with this as long as they are a good steward to the product.

  4. google would be the best for consumers because they likely wouldnt make any changes for the worse. amazon wouldnt ruin anything either, but would likely make mobile versions less accessible to the general public. att/verizon would for sure kill it. i would truly hate to see those douchers acquire hulu.

  5. I pray that Google gets Hulu

    It would be the perfect fit for the company and for the end users.

  6. i will have to add my voice to those saying Google would be the best option for us. the only problem would be that Google plays a little TOO fair and would allow ios and winphones to run it.

  7. Oh god. If ATT/Verizon buys Hulu I’ll start taking bets on how long it takes them to completely ruin it. Please, please, please let it go to Google or Amazon.

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