Add Mark Zuckerberg to your Google+ Circle!

It looks like Mr. Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook – has a Google+ profile and is peeking his head in on the service. In fact, you can visit his profile and add him to one of your circles now!

I tried to add him to a Circle I created called “Trust” but got this error:

Try to add him yourself and let me know how it goes ;)


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  • mmark27

    anyway you can add me so I can get in on this Google+??

    • Jon Wilkie

      I hate to “me too”, but… me too! jonwilkie AT gmail DOT com

      • Matthew Burgos

        me three? burgosma(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Chris Sullivan

    ROFLMAO ~~~~!!! Rob, that is hilarious!

    I find it funny that Mark has added 13 people to his friends list and only 4 people like him enough to consider him “circle worthy”

  • Minja Miketa

    mmark27 invites are closed at the moment. I got one, but it will not let me in. Apparently its coming back up tonight.

    • Malcolm Morris-Pence

      Have you tried in the last half hour or so? My buddies were just able to sign in just now using the invites I sent them last night.

      • Chris Sullivan

        I just now tried joining from where my email was included on a post and it did not let me in. Any Google+ love send it to gmail XXX I GOT IN!!

        • shabbypenguin

          tried the workaround, lemme know if it invites ya

          • Chris Sullivan

            Nope! Thank you for trying! I broke down and paid $0.99 on ebay for a work around invite earlier today knowing it might not work.

            It was either that or donate the $0.99 to Colbert’s Super PAC fund….Sorry Steven G+ is too hard to resist.

          • Dylan Hurwitz

            could i get an invite please (:

          • Jon Wilkie

            Hey David, thanks for invite attempt. It didn’t work yet, but I’ll be clicking it every 15 minutes until it does. :)

    • mmark27

      hook me up with an invite when you get in! I’ll remove you from my circle or whatever once I’m in.

  • JRomeo

    So it seems he is OUTSIDE your circle of trust, lol

  • Axxell

    Is that one of the Winklevii I see there?

  • jean_loup

    But Google doesn’t require real names does it? So that could just be some guy impersonating him.

    That said, it brings the issue of giving celebrity profiles some kind of “official” status the way Twitter does. Facebook doesn’t have this and it’s most annoying having to sift through the wannabes, so this would be a most welcome feature of G+

    PS: I’m in for an invite too if anyone has spares *shameless request* ;)

  • Scott Beamer

    Um..what’s the point of this article? A teeny tiny number of people have been able to get Google+ I’m not one of them. All I could do is sign up to be notified. And I don’t know anyone with invites…

  • Jon

    Tagged him in a photo of him with his weed pipe. Too bad it wouldn’t actually let me associate it with his account so that it shows up under his profile :(

  • shabbypenguin

    for the next 20 mins or so ill try giving everyone invites using the workaround.. just be sure to reply to this comment with your email.. im lazy and i dont feel like searching :P

    • Jon Drain

      Thanks for the invite David! Looks like it works!

    • Chris Sullivan

      I AM IN!!! This JUST changed in the last 10 minutes!!!!

    • Giorgio, thank you :-))))

    • John Darst
    • Jonathan Kolinski


    • Jarek Wrzesien
    • Robin Himmels


    • Brian Hanifin
    • Todd Risenmay


    • Stanislav Madjarov

      stanislav86 @ gmail . com

    • jimmyk0789
    • Giorgio

      I am in thanks a million David!!!! Yay!!!

  • Ronak Patel

    can u get me an invite too.

  • netguru2000

    PLEASE someone invite me too!!!!

  • Chris Sullivan

    Ok…I am going to pay it forward, who wants me to lift the velvet rope of Google+ for them? I am stepping in to help David. leave your emails

    Please like this post to bring it to the top.

    Ok…I got from Jean, the guy with too many names just a couple of minutes ago to Bill 30 min ago, people are still getting in!!!

    We have room for maaaaybe one more :P

    Ok! Jean, the guy with too many names is the last one through the velvet rope, sorry no more, nothing to see here, move along…I am off to play with Google+

    • Bill Chin


    • Andrew Ross

      please!!! angross[at]gmail[.]com

    • Daniel Blatter

      Thanks Chris!

    • Todd Risenmay


    • Matt Bournea

      bournmatt @ gmail . com


    • Andy Wheeler

      adwheelerphoto[at]gmail[dot]com thanks yous…

    • cobrown39
    • Randall Combs

      rmcohio87 @ gmail . com

    • Luis Ramirez

      Thank you! you are fantastic.. I got in.

    • Chris Daubert

      Please add me, Thanks!

    • Marcus Rogers @

    • FASST27

      You rock! How generous!

    • jean_loup

      jeanloup[at]gmail[dot]com, cheers mate :D

      • NovaeMeme

        Okay, one of you newly connected darlins’ feel like paying if forward? It would be most appreciated. :D

        Edited to thank Chris and remove email address now that I’ve got an invite even if I can’t get in yet!!!

        • Chris Sullivan


        • Chris Sullivan

          So they have shut down the entry process again??

    • jean_loup

      Sorry about the million names ;), looks like I didn’t make it, oh well, maybe tomorrow

      • Chris Sullivan

        you did not get the invite??

        I just tried again

        • jean_loup

          I did but it won’t let me in, says it’s available on invite only and to check back later. Probably ‘cos I’m in the uk or something

        • jean_loup

          I finally managed to get in about 2h ago, thanks again mate :D

    • Preetpal Bhella

      Very thoughtful of you. speedypoint[at]gmail[dot]com .Cheers

      Looks like i’m out to .Well guess there is always tommorrow.

      • Chris Sullivan


      • NovaeMeme

        I’m gonna retry it all night. lol

    • Ryan Peters

      You are awesome! If you have invites left I would love to get one:

      rvpeters11 [at] gmail [dot] com

      Looks like didnt get it, hopefully there will be another opportunity in the future! If anyone who got invites is able to invite me I would be greatly appreciative!

      • Chris Sullivan


    • Andrew Ross

      my turn, my turn !!! andrew dot tx dot ross at gmail dot com

      • Chris Sullivan

        ok….dude, I think the 1 dot was enough…lol

    • Andrew Hollenbach

      Pick me!
      Thanks either way.

    • Jonathan Kulton

      I’d love one if you’d be so kind.

      thecubingkid [at] gmail [dot] com

      Thanks if so! Thanks for trying if not. :D

    • carrrnuttt

      Sweet. I’d love an invite @ carrrnuttt [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Shawn_Locke

      Man, you are awesome!

    • kelvin garcia please invite me

    • NexusMarts

      invite me plsssss :’)

    • M0nk

      I’d love an invite:
      Thanks in advance

    • Ivan Yeo

      Would love an invite: sabeios[at]gmail[dot]com

      Thx alot!

    • Robabobbob

      robabob(tat)gmail(.)com please!

    • Daniel Sim

      Please and thank you! :D

    • Michael ‘Stomach’ Livingstone
    • Joe Vasquez

      quake101 (at)

    • Clark Wray please and thank you!

    • Guest

      s.kenesson at gmail

    • David Gray

      Come on Chris, that Jean guy didn’t even know how to accept the invite!! He’s not a TRUE android fan like US!

  • Bill Chin

    With billions of dollars, you’d think he would have a better pic to use than creepy grainy webcam pic in its non-photoshopped brutal honesty. Or am I being too vain?

  • James Rech

    it would be nice if someone helped me out ;)

  • BrandonKosanovich

    I want in! bkos1786@gmail

  • richardbrown423

    If anyone has an invite they can spare,

  • Randall Combs

    oh, and honestly… thank you ahead of time.

  • bandar_a
  • monlosez
  • FASST27


  • FASST27

    Chris S. just invited me to Google+, I would like to invite 5 people under 1 condition: you invite 5 other people from here in the comment area and request they do the same.

    How to invite people:


    After 5 replies, please don’t post. If this works, 5 people will soon post their invite message.

  • S Rafir


  • Guest

    stang89508[at]gmail THANK YOU!

  • Kyle Miller

    FYI – you don’t need invites to invite someone to Google+

    Share something in your stream and then click the “add people” link at the bottom and type any email address. It will send them an email, they can click on the ‘Learn more about Google+” link and they’ll be able to join.

    You can do this as many times as you wish, I’ve invited many people so far w/o a single official invite

  • Aaron Schweitzer

    If anyone has a spare invite… Thanks to whoever hooks me up.

  • Ebbie

    If anyone has any spare invites, would you mind dropping one to me? MsCocoagoddess1 at gmail dot com. TIA!

  • Brian Golden, MD (urologist) —>> thanks to the nice persona that sends an invite!

  • No_Nickname90

    LoL!! Mark Zuckerberg on Google +1? LoL!! Get it!? Google +1? (it’s both the social network and their “like” feature) LoL!! I’m so funny.

  • Tommie Vu

    can I have an invite to google+ please :D

  • Copolii Z

    SWEET … copolii[AT]gmail
    Much appreciated :)

  • Danil H

    Plz me 2 !!! pretty plz ? satvic AT gmail

  • Jabari Brannon
  • TBS Boy
  • TBS Boy

    get your invites from

  • Spanki

    I’ll invite first few people who reply to me here. Just leave your email :)

    • GhostlySnow

      GhostlySnow (at) gmail (dot) com
      thank you if you can!

    • Tim_NZ

      timlawrence (at)

  • yurdle


  • Gbenga Olubisi

    Please invite me gbenga[dot]olubisi[at]gmail[.]com

  • Jon Cardona

    I’ll shoot an invite to the first five people to post under me.

    • Jon Scruggs

      My is: j.scruggs

      Thanks. :D I hope I get in.

  • Jon Cardona

    lol geez I get deleted? Just tryin to help ;)

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    Seems like Zuckerberg is failing on that circle :D

  • droid. if anyone has an extra invite. Thanks

  • Guest

    I love Android. Can you guys had me to your circle?

  • Erkan Percin

    I want Google+ =).
    Pls Add me: