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Motorola Defy Getting 2.2 Froyo Rolls Out Soon For TMO UK

Android-loving consumers have learned all too well that promises of firmware upgrades should be taken with a grain of salt. Way back in November of 2010, T-Mobile UK promised a Froyo 2.2 upgrade to the Motorola Defy by Q2 2011. Well they may be a few days late, but it looks like T-Mobile UK will make good on that promise afterall (other carriers already rolled it out in the UK).

The update hasn’t exactly started and I suppose anything could happen, but here we are on June 29th and the TMO tweet suggests the rollout starts at the beginning of July. The tweet actually came on June 24th but July is only a few days away… we’ll see sooner rather than later!

Any TMO UK customers randomly get it yet?


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  • Gues

    Thats just sad bro

  • jasn

    Lol, 2.2 was leaked half a year ago, or even before that. And there is 2.3 via Cyanogen mod.

  • Francisco Cordova

    Poor bastards. I remember my Cliq going thru the same b.s. of promised updates. 

  • DYNK


  • srlnclt

    Wow.  In the US, we got the update a couple months ago. I always thought the UK was ahead of us.

  • Yonko Petrov

    today is 11th, and still no update. What do you mean “start of july” !?!?!